The Biochemistry of Plants, 1st Edition


The Biochemistry of Plants, 1st Edition,Jack Preiss,ISBN9780126754148

J Preiss   

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Graduate and professional plant biochemists, bacterial and animal biochemists, and graduate-level bioscience libraries.

Jack Preiss

Jack Preiss was born in Brooklyn. He earned his B.Sc. in Chemistry at City College of New York and completed his Ph.D. with P. Handler at Duke University. His post doctoral work was done with Paul Berg at Washington University at St. Louis and at Stanford and with G. Ashwell at NIH. In 1962 he became Assistant Professor at the University of California at Davis and went through the ranks from Professor to Chairman. In 1985 he came to Michigan State University as a Professor and Chairman of the Biochemistry Department. He has received many honors, among them the Alsberg-Schoch Memorial Lectureship Award of the American Association of Cereal Chemists and the Award of Merit of the Japanese Society of Starch Science.

Affiliations and Expertise

The Starch Bio-Engineering Group, Michigan State University

The Biochemistry of Plants, 1st Edition

T. Rees, Hexose Phosphate Metabolism by Nonphotosynthetic Tissues of Higher Plants.
W.J. Lucas and M.A. Madore, Recent Advances in Sugar Transport.
F.A. Loewus, Ascorbic Acid and Its Metabolic Products.
C.J. Pollock and N.J. Chatterton, Fructans.
K. Kainuma, Structure and Chemistry of the Starch Granule.
J. Preiss, Biosynthesis of Starch and Its Regulation.
M. Steup, Starch Degradation.
A. Bacic, P.J. Harris, and B.A. Stone, Structure and Function of Plant Cell Walls.
D.P. Delmer and B.A. Stone, Biosynthesis of Plant Cell Walls.
G.P. Kaushal, T. Szumilo, and A.D. Elbein, Structure and Biosynthesis of Plant N-Linked Glycoproteins.
T. Akazawa, T. Mitsui, and M. Hayashi, Recent Progress in ~ga-Amylase Biosynthesis.
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