Resource Physiology of Conifers

Resource Physiology of Conifers, 1st Edition

Acquisition, Allocation, and Utilization

Resource Physiology of Conifers, 1st Edition,William Smith,Thomas Hinckley,Jacques Roy,ISBN9780126528701

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Coniferous forests are among the most important of ecosystems. These forests are widespread and influence both the financial and biological health of our globe. This book focuses attention on conifers and how these trees acquire, allocate, and utilize the resources that sustain this crucial productivity. An international team of experts has surveyed and synthesized information from an expanding area of inquiry. The first half of the book describes how resources are acquired both by means of photosynthesis and through root systems. The latter half of the volume focuses upon how resources are stored and used. As conifers continue as a resource and ever increasingly important contributor to the regional and global environmental sustainability, this book will help establish how much sustainability can be expected and maintained.


Graduate students, faculty and researchers in ecology, forestry, plant sciences, physiology, and agronomy.

William Smith

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Wyoming, Laramie, U.S.A.

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Thomas Hinckley

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Washington, Seattle, U.S.A.

Jacques Roy

Affiliations and Expertise

Centre d'Ecologie Fantionnelle et Evolutive, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Montpellier, France

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Resource Physiology of Conifers, 1st Edition

Resource Acquisition:
P. Stenberg, E.H. Delucia, A.W. Schoettle, and H. Smolander, Photosynthetic Light Capture and Processing from the Cell to Canopy.
R. Oren and D.W. Sheriff, Water and Nutrient Acquisition by Roots and Canopies.
R.D. Yanai, T.J. Fahey, and S.L. Miller, Efficiency of Nutrient Acquisition by Fine Roots and Mycorrhizae.
R.O. Teskey, D.W. Sheriff, D.Y. Hollinger, and R.B. Thomas, External and Internal Factors Regulating Photosynthesis. Part II: Resource Allocation and Utilization:
D.W. Sheriff, H.A. Margolis, M.R. Kaufmann, and P.B. Reich, Resource Use Efficiency.
R.J. Luxmoore, R. Oren, D.W. Sheriff, and R.B. Thomas, Source-Sink-Storage Relationships of Conifers.
S.T. Gower, J.G. Isebrands, and D.W. Sheriff, Carbon Allocation and Accumulation in Conifers.
D.G. Sprugel, M.G. Ryan, J.R. Brooks, K.A. Vogt, and T.A. Martin, Respiration from the Organ Level to the Stand.
S.G. Pallardy, J. Cermak, F.W. Ewers, M.R. Kaufmann, W.C. Parker, and J.S. Sperry, Water Transport Dynamics in Trees and Stands.
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Quotes and reviews

@qu:"The book contains a wealth of quantitative information on the physiological attributes of conifers... thorough and expert analyses of the most important aspects of conifer physiology... the writing is comprehensive and up to date because of the combined efforts of 28 leading researchers of plant ecophysiology."
@source:--T. T. Kozlowski, University of California Berkeley, in BIOSCIENCE
@qu:"These books are highly recommended additions to the literature on conifers. They contain a treasure trove of information, and a strong editorial hand has brought an unusual degree of symmetry and evenness of treatment to the topics. It is easy to find one's way around each chapter and either to browse or to focus... Both books will find substantial use for physiological ecologist and others interested in conifers and forest ecology."
@qu:"The book contains a wealth of quantitative information on the physiological attributes of conifers... The writing is comprehensive and up to date because of the combined efforts of 28 leading researchers of plant ecophysiology--no chapter was written by a single author. The book is likely to be welcomed by investigators attempting to unravel the complexities inherent in biological diversity, global warming, and responses of forest ecosystems to abiotic and biotic stresses."
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