Aerospace Avionics Systems

Aerospace Avionics Systems, 1st Edition

A Modern Synthesis

Aerospace Avionics Systems, 1st Edition,George Siouris,ISBN9780126468908


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Aerospace Avionics Systems: A Modern Synthesis is the first new textbook on inertial navigation since the mid-1970s. This far-reaching, up-to-date, and heavily illustrated volume meets the needs of first-year graduate students in aeronautical engineering as well as the demands of professionals requiring current information. The well-respected author presents a balanced combination of theory and up-to-date practice and application in inertial navigation, devoting the largest amount of space to topics that will be useful to most readers or that are not adequately or clearly treated elsewhere in the technical literature.


Undergraduate and graduate students, engineers, and scientists who analyse modern avionics systems.

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Aerospace Avionics Systems, 1st Edition

Introduction, Coordinate Systems and Transformations. Inertial Sensors. Kinematic Compensations Equations. Error Analysis. Externally Aided Inertial Navigation Systems. Steering, Speical Navigation Systems, And Modern Avionics Systems. Appenices: System Performance Criteria. The World Geodetic System. Subject Index. References.
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