Coastal Plant Communities of Latin America

Coastal Plant Communities of Latin America, 1st Edition

Coastal Plant Communities of Latin America, 1st Edition,Ulrich Seeliger,ISBN9780126345506

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Key Features

@introbul:Key Features
@bul:* Distribution and community ecology
* Modern research approaches
* coastal management possibilities


Published ecological information on Latin American coasts is scarce, despite the growing need for a comprehensive examination of coastal processes on a global scale. This book brings together details on benthic marine algae, seagrasses, salt marsh, mangrove, and dune plant communities throughout Latin America.
Researchers and graduate students in plant ecology, marine biology, and environmental management will benefit from the valuable information in this book.


Researchers and graduate students in plant ecology, marine biology, and environmental management.

Ulrich Seeliger

Affiliations and Expertise

Universidade do Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Brazil

Coastal Plant Communities of Latin America, 1st Edition

The Benthic Algal Community:
A.R.O. Chapman, Vegetation Ecology of Rocky Shores.
Y. Yoneshigue-Valentin and J.L. Valentin, Macroalgae of the Cabo Frio Upwelling Region, Brazil: Ordination of Communities.
M. Cordeiro-Marino, M.R.A. Braga, V.R. Eston, M.T. Fujii, and N.S. Yokoya, Mangrove Macroalgal Communities of Latin America: The State of Art and Perspectives.
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A.H. Buschmann, Algal Communities of a Wave-Protected Intertidal Rocky Shore in Southern Chile.
The Seagrass Community:
R.C. Phillips, The Seagrass Ecosystem and Resources in Latin America.
V.P. Vincente, A Summary of Ecological Information on the Seagrass Beds of Puerto Rico.
B. Vera, Seagrasses of the Venezuelan Coast: Distribution and Community Components.
J.L. Rojas-Galaviz, A. Y~aaan~ahez-Arancibia, F.R. Vera-Herrera, and J.W. Day, Jr. , Estuarine Primary Producers: Laguna de Terminos--A Case Study.
The Saltmarsh Community:
A.J. Davy and C.S.B. Costa, Development and Organization of Saltmarsh Communities.
C.S.B. Costa and A.J. Davy, Coastal Saltmarsh Communities of Latin America.
S.E. Ibarra-Obando and M. Poumian-Tapia, The Saltmarsh Vegetation of Punta Banda Estuary, Baja California, Mexico.
C.M.N. Panitz, Ecological Aspects of a Saltmarsh Ecosystem in Santa Catarina Island, Brazil.
The Mangrove Community:
G. Cintron-Molero and Y. Schaeffer-Novelli, Ecology and Management of the New World Mangroves.
J.A. Jim~aaenez, Mangrove Forests of the Pacific Coast of Central America.
F. Flores-Verdugo, F. Gonzalez-Farias, D.S. Zamorano, and P. Ramirez-Garcia, Mangrove Ecosystems of the Pacific Coast of Mexico: Distribution, Structure, Litterfall and Detritus Dynamics.
The Dune Plant Community:
M.G. Barbour, Life at the Leading Edge: The Beach Plant Syndrome.
P. Moreno-Casasola and S. Castillo, Dune Ecology on the Eastern Coast of Mexico.
I. Espejel, Coastal Sand Dune Communities and Soil Relationships in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.
D.S.D. Araujo, Vegetation Types of Sandy Coastal Plains of Tropical Brazil: A First Approximation.
L.R. Dillenburg, J.L. Waechter, and M.L. Porto, Species Composition and Structure of a Sandy Coastal Plain Forest in Northern Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
U. Seeliger, Coastal Foredunes of Southern Brazil: Physiography, Habitats and Vegetation.
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