Coral Reef Fishes, 1st Edition

Dynamics and Diversity in a Complex Ecosystem

Coral Reef Fishes, 1st Edition,Peter Sale,ISBN9780126151855

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Key Features

Key Features
* An up-to-date review of key research areas in reef fish ecology, with a bibliography including hundreds of citations, most from the last decade
* Authoritative, up-to-date, provocative chapters written to suggest future research priorities
* An important companion and successor to The Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs
* Includes discussions of regulation of fish populations, dispersal or site fidelity of larval reef fishes, sensory and motor capabilities of reef fish larvae, and complexities of management of reef species and communities


Coral Reef Fishes is the successor of The Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs. This new edition includes provocative reviews covering the major areas of reef fish ecology. Concerns about the future health of coral reefs, and recognition that reefs and their fishes are economically important components of the coastal oceans of many tropical nations, have led to enormous growth in research directed at reef fishes. Coral Reef Fishes is much more than a simple revision of the earlier volume; it is a companion that supports and extends the earlier work. The included syntheses provide readers with the current highlights in this exciting science.


Advanced undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and researchers interested in coral reef ecology, fish ecology, fishery sciences and related ecological, ichthyological, and zoological issues. Ecologists, fishery scientists, and anyone interested in complex ecosystem structure and function. Libraries at institutions with strong programs in ecology, ichthyology, fishery science and related disciplines.

Peter Sale

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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Coral Reef Fishes, 1st Edition



Section I Reef Fishes- A Diversity of Adaptations and Specializations


Chapter 1 The History and Biogeography of Fishes on Coral Reefs

Chapter 2 Ecomorphology of Feeding in Coral Reef Fishes

Chapter 3 Age-Based Studies

Chapter 4 Rarity in Coral Reef Fish Communities

Chapter 5 The Ecological Context of Reproductive Behavior

Section II Replenishment of Reef Fish Populations and Communities


Chapter 6 The Sensory World of Coral Reef Fishes

Chapter 7 Larval Dispersal and Retention and Consequences for Population Connectivity

Chapter 8 The Biology, Behavior and Ecology of the Pelagic, Larval Stage of Coral Reef Fishes

Chapter 9 Biogeography and Larval Dispersal Inferred from Population Genetic Analysis

Chapter 10 Numerical and Energetic Processes in the Ecology of Coral Reef Fishes

Section III Dynamics of Reef Fish Populations and Communities


Chapter 11 Otolith Applications in Reef Fish Ecology

Chapter 12 Energetics and Fish Diversity on Coral Reefs

Chapter 13 Simulating Large-Scale Population Dynamics Using Small-Scale Data

Chapter 14 Density Dependence in Reef Fish Populations

Chapter 15 Variable Replenishment and the Dynamics of Reef Fish Populations

Section IV Management of Coral Reef Fishes


Chapter 16 The Science We Need to Develop for More Effective Management

Chapter 17 Reef Fish Ecology and Grouper Conservation and Management

Chapter 18 Ecological Issues and the Trades in Live Reef Fishes

Chapter 19 Yet Another Review of Marine Reserves as Reef Fishery Management Tools


Taxonomic Index

Subject Index

Quotes and reviews

" excellent overview of what has been done in research on reef fish ecology and, moreover, what we have failed to do. This new edition is much more than merely a more recent version of the first book published in 1991, but provides insight into the future perspectives of reef fish ecology and into the research that has to be done if we hope to meet conservation goals...a perfect guide to the future course of reef fish ecology in the new millennium...the format of the book and the structuring of the text, tables and figures is excellent and makes reading the contents a pleasure...Coral reef ecologists, marine ichthyologists or reef conservation managers should not put this book into their bookshelves- they should better keep it on their desks."
- Jurgen Herler, University of Vienna, MARINE ECOLOGY, 2005

"...excellent volume…It is an indispensable reference for all researchers and managers working with coral reef fishes."
-ECOLOGY (2004)

"Should you add this book to your library? Definitely! Sale has done an excellent job of bringing coral-reef fish biologists up to date and clearly outlining future directions for study."-COPIA (2003)

"Coral Reef Fishes is full of fascinating details, new evidence and new ideas."
-Redouan Bshary for NATURE (January 2003)
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