Solid State Physics

Solid State Physics, 1st Edition

Solid State Physics, 1st Edition,Henry Ehrenreich,Frans Spaepen,ISBN9780126077513

Solid State Physics

Ehrenreich   &   Spaepen   

Academic Press




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Solid State Physics, Volume 51 continues the serial's tradition of excellence by focusing on the optical and electronic properties and applications of semiconductors. All of the topics in this volume are at the cutting-edge of research in the semiconductor field and will be of great interest to the scientific community.


Materials scientists, solid state physicists, electrical and electronic engineers, and chemists.

Henry Ehrenreich

Affiliations and Expertise

Division of Engineering and Applied Physics Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Frans Spaepen

Affiliations and Expertise

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

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Solid State Physics, 1st Edition

G.D. Mahan, Good Thermoelectrics: Introduction. Devices. Bulk Semiconductors. Review of Material. Narrow-Gap Semiconductors. Metals. Summary. R.S. Averback and T. Diaz de la Rubia, Displacement Damage in Irradiated Metals and Semiconductors: Introduction. Binary Collision and Thermal Spike Models. Defect Production Near Threshold Energies. Dynamics of Collision Cascades: Beyond BCA Models. Ion Beam Mixing. Defect Production in Cascades. The Primary Stateof Damage. Effects of Surfaces and Applied Stresses on Cascades. Freely Migrating Defects. Conclusions. R.S. Sorbello, Theory of Electromigration: Introduction. Driving Force for Electromigration. Theoretical Calculations. Beyond the Adiabatic Picture. Conclusion. R.M. Osgood and X. Wang, Image States on Single-Crystal Metal Surfaces: Introduction. Our Theoretical Understanding of Image States. Experimental Probes of Image State Properties. Experimental Measurements of the Stationary Properties of Image States on Bare, Single-Crystal Surfaces. Measurements of the Dynamic Properties of Image States. Image States on Ferromagnetic Surfaces. Image States and Surface Conditions. Lateral Quantum Confinement of Surface Electrons. Summary. A.E. Carlsson and R. Thomson, Fracture Toughness of Materials: From Atomistics to Continuum Theory: Introduction. Levels of Description of Materials. Calculations of Fracture Toughness. Connections Between Different Approaches. Author Index.Subject Index.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:"A welcome addition to the series of reviews of modern solid state physics. Every institutional physics library should have it."
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