Principles of Addictions and the Law

Principles of Addictions and the Law, 1st Edition

Applications in Forensic, Mental Health, and Medical Practice

Principles of Addictions and the Law, 1st Edition,Norman S. Miller,ISBN9780124967366

N Miller   

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A comprehensive resource illustrating the role of alcohol, drug use, and addictions in legal decisions

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Key Features

  • Focused primarily on alcohol and drug addictions
  • Case studies and landmark cases are included to illustrate the role of alcohol/drugs in legal decisions (e.g., the Exxon Valdez case)
  • Brief overview of legal system and drug courts will be useful to clinicans, lawyers, administrators, and other professionals


The book includes an examination of sources of law important to addiction and its treatment. The foundations for forensic work in professional legal testimony is explored (e.g., legal system, case law precedent, statutes governing addictions, civil and criminal procedures). The science of addiction is featured including the biology of addiction, addiction as a brain disease, responsibility vs. loss of control, development of addictions, and the role of genetics and environment. Drug testing, its uses with forensic populations, what the tests show and do not show, controversies in using tests in the general population also receives extensive treatment. Addiction and mental illness in forensic populations is highlighted for addiction treatment and continuing care. Case studies and landmark cases illustrate the role of alcohol, drug use, and addictions in legal decisions.


Mental health professionals including psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychiatric social workers addiction counselors. Mental health administrators, managed care executives, physicians, lawyers, and law libraries will find this book useful.

Norman S. Miller

Affiliations and Expertise

Michigan State University, East Lansing, U.S.A.

Principles of Addictions and the Law, 1st Edition

Introduction in Addictions in Forensic and Medical Legal Practice
Basic Law for Addictions in the Criminal Justice System
Basic Principles of Addictive Disease
Pharmacology of Drug (Alcohol) Effects
Drug Testing for Drugs
Confidentiality, Privilege and the Duty to Protect for the Addicted Patient
Assessment of Risk for Suicide and Homicide in Addiction Populations
Disability Claims and Workman's Compensation: Addictions in Medical and Psychiatric and Addiction Cases
Competence for the Addicted: Criminal and Civil
Insanity Defense: Voluntary Intoxication and Mitigation
Criminal Incarceration and Civil Commitment for the Addicted
Child Custody and Parental Rights with Addictions
Sexual Predator Laws and Offenders with Addictions
Juvenile Court Referral and Assessment for Addictions
Addiction Treatment and Continuing Care in Forensic Populations
Addictions in Corrections Populations
Right to Treatment vs. Mandated Addiction Treatment
Addictions in Malpractice Cases and Expert Witness Testimony
Addictions and the Death Penalty
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