Nonlinear Diffusion of Electromagnetic Fields

Nonlinear Diffusion of Electromagnetic Fields, 1st Edition

With Applications to Eddy Currents and Superconductivity

Nonlinear Diffusion of Electromagnetic Fields, 1st Edition,Isaak Mayergoyz,ISBN9780124808706

I Mayergoyz   

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Key Features

@introbul:Key Features
@bul:* Contains extensive use of analytical techniques for the solution of nonlinear problems of electromagnetic field diffusion
* Simple analytical formulas for surface impedances of nonlinear and hysteretic media
* Analysis of nonlinear diffusion for linear, circular and elliptical polarizations of electromagnetic fields
* Novel and extensive analysis of eddy current
losses in steel laminations for unidirectional and rotating magnetic fields
* Preisach approach to the modeling of eddy current hysteresis and superconducting hysteresis
* Extensive study of nonlinear diffusion in
superconductors with gradual resistive transitions (scalar and vertorial problems)


Nonlinear Diffusion of Electromagnetic Fields covers applications of the phenomena of non-linear diffusion of electromagnetic fields, such as magnetic recording, electromagnetic shielding and non-destructive testing, development of CAD software, and the design of magnetic components in electrical machinery. The material presented has direct applications to the analysis of eddy currents in magnetically nonlinear and hysteretic conductors and to the study of magnetization processes in electrically nonlinear superconductors. This book will provide very valuable technical and scientific information to a broad audience of engineers and researchers who are involved in these diverse areas.


Researchers and graduate students in the electrical engineering and magnetic community, and practitioners in related industries.

Isaak Mayergoyz

Prof. Mayergoyz received his Master and Ph.D. degrees in the former Soviet Union where he worked as a senior research scientist in the Institute of Cybernetics of Ukranian Academy of Sciences before his emigration to the United States. On his arrival to the United States in 1980, he became a full professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of University of Maryland, College Park. He served as a consultant for many years for the Research and Development Center of General Electric Company and has been selected as a visiting research fellow of this center. He has published more than 300 scientific papers and patents as well as eight scientific books. He has been recognized by many awards at the University of Maryland and at the Magnetics Society of IEEE. He is a recognized authority in magnetics which is the area of this book.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Maryland, ECE Department, College Park, USA

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Nonlinear Diffusion of Electromagnetic Fields, 1st Edition

Diffusion of Electromagnetic Fields in Magnetically Nonlinear Conducting Media (Linear Polarization). Diffusion of Electromagnetic Fields in Magnetically Nonlinear Conducting Media (Vector Polarization). Nonlinear Diffusion ofWeak Magnetic Fields. Nonlinear Diffusion in Superconductors. Nonlinear Impedance Boundary Conditions and Their Application to the Solution of Eddy Current Problems. Subject Index.
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