Object Oriented Languages

Object Oriented Languages, 1st Edition

Object Oriented Languages, 1st Edition,Author Unknown,ISBN9780124773905


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An historic view of object-oriented languages**Object-oriented languages surveyed through their classification into Class-based, Frame-based, Actor-based, and Hybrid languages**Comparative accounts of many languages: Smalltalk, Objective-C, Flavors, CLOS, Simula, C++, Eiffel, and KRL**A case study comparing programming with a Class-based language (Smalltalk) and a more classical language (Ada)**Implementations of three object-oriented languages with programming examples and illustrations throughout**Glossary of terms and listings of language vendors


Object-oriented programming is currently enjoying a large-scale adoption of its techniques and languages both in teaching and in real applications. As a paradigm O-OP has stimulated language-specific books and general introductions bound to one language (for example, Eiffel, Smalltalk, and C++). This book comes from France as the first comparative study of the many languages on offer for object-oriented programming. It introduces a general view of O-OP and follows with an extensive look at the features and advantages of the most common languages.****Object Oriented Languages provides a comprehensive introduction to the many diverse aspects of object-oriented programming through a broad tour of currently available object-oriented languages. The text has been designed for teaching an introductory course in the fundamentals of object-oriented programming.


A general introduction for object-oriented programming at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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Object Oriented Languages, 1st Edition

Objects. Classes. Smalltalk-80. Objective-C. LISP and Objects. The Scandinavian School. Knowledge Representation. Frame-Based Languages. Hybrid Languages. Actors. Programming with Classes. Add Objects to Your LISP. State of the Art and Perspectives. Glossary. An Implementation of ObjVlisp. Bibliography. Index.
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