Optical Radiometry, 1st Edition

Optical Radiometry, 1st Edition,Albert Parr,Raju Datla,James Gardner,ISBN9780124759886

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Key Features

· Authors are from the Standards laboratories of AUSTRALIA, CANADA, ENGLAND, GERMANY and the USA.
· Latest techniques and practice of laboratory measurements to achieve the highest accuracy in the use of sources or detectors.
· Unique illustrations of the apparatus and measurement techniques.
· Practical measurement examples of calibration with full uncertainty analysis.
· Comprehensive treatment of optical standards such as sources, detectors and radiometers.
· A complete chapter on laser power measurements and standards for fiber optic measurements
· A complete chapter on correlations in radiometry and practical examples.
· A chapter devoted to diffraction effects in radiometry


This book deals with the practice of Optical Radiation Measurements with introductory material to introduce the topics discussed. It will be most useful for students, scientists and engineers working in any academic, industrial or governmental projects related to optical radiation. The book contains chapters that treat in detail the procedures and techniques for the characterization of both sources and detectors to the highest degree of accuracy and reliability. It has a chapter devoted specifically to optical measurements of laser sources and fiberoptics for communication and a chapter devoted to uncertainty in measurement and its treatment with real examples of optical measurements. The book contains introductory materials that will allow a newcomer to radiometry to develop the expertise to perform exacting and accurate measurement. The authors stress the various causes of uncertainty in each phase of a measurement and thus allow for users to arrive at a correct assessment of their uncertainty of measurement in their particular circumstance.


Optical Metrologists, Remote Sensing Scientists, Industrial Laboratories and Production Managers and Scientific Libraries.

Albert Parr

Ph.D., MS in Physics, BS in Physics with Honors and BS in Mathematics

Affiliations and Expertise

National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, U.S.A.

Raju Datla

Affiliations and Expertise

National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, U.S.A.

James Gardner

Affiliations and Expertise

CSIRO National Measurements Laboratory, West Lindfield, NSW, Australia

Optical Radiometry, 1st Edition

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Radiometry (R.U. Datla and A.C. Parr)
Chapter 2 - Absolute Radiometers (N.P. Fox and J.P. Rice)
Chapter 3 - Realization of Spectral Responsivity Scales (L.P. Boivin)
Chapter 4 - Transfer Standard Filter Radiometers: Applications to Fundamental Scales (G.P. Eppeldauer, S.W. Brown and K.R. Lykke)
Chapter 5 - Primary Sources for Use in Radiometry (J. Hollandt, J. Seidel, R. Klein, G. Ulm, A. Migdall and M. Ware)
Chapter 6 - Uncertainty Estimates in Radiometry (J.L. Gardner)
Chapter 7 - Photometry (Y. Ohno)
Chapter 8 - Laser Radiometry (G.W. Day)
Chapter 9 - Diffraction Effects in Radiometry (E.L. Shirley)
Chapter 10 - The Calibration and Characterization of Earth Remote Sensing and Environmental Monitoring Instruments (J.J. Butler, B.C. Johnson and R.A. Barnes)
Appendix A - Example: Calibration of a Cryogenic Blackbody (R.U. Datla, E.L. Shirley and A.C. Parr)
Appendix B - Uncertainty Example: Spectral Irradiance Transfer with Absolute Calibration by Reference to Illuminance (J.L. Gardner)
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