Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design

Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design, 1st Edition

Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design, 1st Edition,Dan Marghitu,ISBN9780124713529


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260 X 184

First textbook to apply fundamentals of kinematic chains to their applications in robotics, vehicle design and general machine design.

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Key Features

* Combines theories of kinematics and behavior of mechanisms with the practical design of robots, machine parts, and machine systems into one comprehensive mechanical design book
* Offers the method of contour equations for the kinematic analysis of mechanicsl systems and dynamic force analysis
* Mathematica programs and packages for the analysis of mechanical systems
* An Instructor's Solutions Manual will be provided


Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design covers a broad spectrum of critical machine design topics and helps the reader understand the fundamentals and apply the technologies necessary for successful mechanical design and execution. The inclusion of examples and instructive problems present the reader with a teachable computer-oriented text. Useful analytical techniques provide the practitioner and student with powerful tools for the design of kinematic chains and machine components.

Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design serves as a on-volume reference for engineers and students in mechanical engineering with applications for all engineers working in the fields of machine design and robotics. The book contains the fundamental laws and theories of science basic to mechanical engineering including mechanisms, robots and machine components to provide the reader with a thorough understanding of mechanical design.


Upper undergraduate level and advanced undergraduate level engineering students; practitioners and designers in mechanical, automotive, aeronautical, biomedical, and industrial engineering.

Dan Marghitu

Dan B. Marghitu is Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Auburn University. His specialty areas include impact dynamics, biomechanics, nonlinear dynamics, flexible multibody systems and robotics. He is the author of more than 60 journal papers and six books on dynamics, mechanical impact, mechanisms, robots and biomechanics.

Affiliations and Expertise

Auburn University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Alabama, USA

Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design, 1st Edition

About the Author

Part I: Kinematic Chains
I.1 Introduction
I.2 Fundamentals
I.3 Position Analysis
I.4 Velocity and Acceleration Analysis
I.5 Contour Equations
I.6 Dynamic Force Analysis
I.7 Simulation of Kinematic Chains with Mathematica
I.8 Packages for Kinematic Chains
I.9 Simulation of Kinematic Chains with Working Model

Part II: Machine Components
II.1 Stress and Deflection
II.2 Fatigue
II.3 Screws
II.4 Rolling Bearings
II.5 Lubrication and Sliding Bearings
II.6 Gears
II.7 Mechanical Springs
II.8 Disk Friction and Flexible Belts
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