Chemistry and Biology, 1st Edition

Chemistry and Biology, 1st Edition,ISBN9780124695504

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Key Features

@introbul:Key Features
@bul:* Indispensable reference work written by leading experts in the field
* Provides up-to-date, timely reviews on compounds and classes of great interest
* Covers synthesis, biosynthesis, biology, as well as isolation and structure elucidation
* An essential research tool for anyone working with alkaloids from a chemical or biological perspective


Chemistry and Biology is a celebration of the outstanding contributions to the field by Professor R.H.F. Manske, who founded the series in 1950. This special volume demonstrates the dramatic changes in alkaloidchemistry since then. It also offers a unique overview of recent developments in major areas of alkaloid chemistry and biology and looks at how these areas will develop in the future. These fourteen contributions are written by many of the leading alkaloid chemists in the world, and thus comprise a unique view of alkaloids and their contributions to the health and well-being of humankind.


Chemists, pharmacologists, and biochemists.

Chemistry and Biology, 1st Edition

D. McLean and V. Snieckus, H.F. Manske: Fifty Years of Alkaloid Chemistry. Atta-ur-Rahman and I. Chaudhary, Chemistry and Biology of Steroidal Alkaloids. A. Brossi, Biological Activity of Unnatural Alkaloid Enantiomers. J. Daly, The Nature and Origin of Amphibian Alkaloids. D. Groger and H. Floss, Biochemistry of Ergot Alkaloids: Achievements and Challenges. A. Guggisberg and M. Hesse, Natural Polyamine Derivatives: New Aspects of Their Isolation, Structure Elucidation, and Synthesis. T.M. Kutchan, Molecular Genetics of Plant Alkaloid Biosynthesis. I. Ninomiya, T. Kiguchi, and T. Nato, Pseudodistomins: Structure, Synthesis, and Pharmacology. J.E. Saxton, Synthesis of Aspidosperma Alkaloids. C. Szantay, Synthetic Studies of Alkaloid Chemistry. H. Tajkayama and S-I. Sakai, Monoterpenoid Indole Synthesis Utilizing Biomimetic Reactions. R. Verpoorte, van der Heiden, and Memelink, Plant Biotechnology and the Production of Alkaloids: Prospects of Metabolic Engineering. M. Wall and M. Wani, History and Future Prospects of Camptothecin and Taxol. P.G. Waterman, Alkaloid Chemosystematics.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:" one might expect for a fiftieth edition, this volume is especially rich in chapters that present interesting historical perspectives from a number of internationally known senior investigators in the field....All of the chapters in this volume are neat, well-proofed, and attractively illustrated, with a uniform format differing from one chapter to the next only in the structure drawing style....this volume is a particularly valuable entry in the series, and departmental libraries should make every effort to acquire it."
@qu:Authoritative, precise, thorough, and above all, permeated with enthusiasm.
@qu:The most authoritative treatise on alkaloids.
@qu:An indispensable addition to the library of anyone in the field of alkaloid chemistry.
@qu:The present volume [Volume 50] is a particularly rewarding one with thirteen reviews covering almost every aspect of current alkaloid research...The natural polyamines more usually figure in biochemistry tests, so it is particularly good to see a review of these relatively simple molecules from more chemical point of view.
@source:--Jeffrey B. Harborne, Plant Science Laboratories, University of Reading
@qu:This fiftieth volume of the long running series familiarity known as "Manske" continues the tradition of comprehensive excellence initiated by its founding editor, the late R.H. Manske, and begins with an engaging overview of the life of this outstanding alkaloid chemist by two of his colleagues, D.B. MacLean and V. Sniekus...up to date and authoritative...consistently useful to alkaloid scientists that it deserves to reach its centennial year.
@source:--Tom H. Cheavens, New Mexico Highlands University, JOURNAL OF AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 1998
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