Chemistry and Pharmacology

Chemistry and Pharmacology, 1st Edition

Chemistry and Pharmacology, 1st Edition,ISBN9780080865713

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Key Features

@introbul:Key Features
@bul:* Indispensible reference work written by leading experts in the field
* Provides up-to-date, timely reviews on compounds and classes of great interest
* Covers synthesis, biosynthesis, biology, as well as isolation and structure elucidation
* An essential research tool for anyone working with alkaloids from a chemical or biological perspective


Internationally acclaimed for more than forty years, this serial, founded by the late Professor R.H.F. Manske, continues to provide outstanding coverage of the rapidly expanding field of the chemotaxonomy, structureelucidation, synthesis, biosynthesis, and biology of all classes of alkaloids from higher and lower plants, marine organisms, or various terrestrial animals. Each volume provides, through its distinguished authors, up-to-date and detailed coverage of particular classes or sources of alkaloids. Over the years, this series has become the standard in natural product chemistry to which all other book series aspire. The Alkaloids: Chemistry and Pharmacology endures as an essential reference for all natural product chemists and biologists who have an interest in alkaloids, their diversity, and their unique biological profile.


Chemists, pharmacologists, and biochemists.

Chemistry and Pharmacology, 1st Edition

S. Ohmiya, K. Saito, and I. Murakoshi, Lupine Alkaloids. J. Stockigt, Biosynthesis in Rauwolfia serpentina. J. Sapi and G. Massiot, Noniridoid Bisindole Alkaloids. K.S. Brown, Jr., and J.R. Trigo, The Ecological Activity of Alkaloids. Chapter References. Cumulative Index of Titles. Subject Index.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:"Authoritative, precise, thorough, and above all, permeated with enthusiasm."
@qu:"The most authoritative treatise on alkaloids."
@qu:"The answers to...fundamental questions are presented both in discussion format and in 12 tables chock-full of information and references. The authors are to be commended for their dazzling effort.
An indispensable addition to the library of anyone in the field of alkaloid chemistry."
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