The AIDS Pandemic

The AIDS Pandemic, 1st Edition

Impact on Science and Society

The AIDS Pandemic, 1st Edition,Kenneth Mayer,H.F. Pizer,ISBN9780124652712

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Key Features

* Unique and timely presentation of new theories and perspectives
* Concentrates on the changes that have taken place in a broad array of related disciplines
* Provides key contextual information, for those new to the field or at interface areas between disciplines
* Includes an international focus on evolving African and Asian experiences
* Focuses on the current strategies for developing vaccines and microbicides
* Outlines harm reduction and prevention programs
* Explores issues related to delivery of life-saving AIDS medications in resource-constrained environments


The AIDS Pandemic explores the ways in which HIV/AIDS has, and continues to transform the wide range of related disciplines it touches. Novel perspectives are provided by a unique panel of internationally recognised experts who cover the unprecedented impact onf AIDS on culture, demographics and politics around the world, including how it affected the worlds' economy, health sciences, epidemiology and public health. This important far- reaching analysis uses the lessons learned from a wide array of disciplines to help us understand the current status and evolution of the pandemic, as it continues to evolve.


Researchers and clinical researchers in epidemiology, virology and immunology; Those in the Pubic Health field and Behavioral Sciences; Medical educators and students

Kenneth Mayer

Affiliations and Expertise

Brown University, Providence, RI, USA

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H.F. Pizer

Affiliations and Expertise

Health Care Strategies, Inc., Cambridge, MA, USA

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The AIDS Pandemic, 1st Edition

Immunology in the Era of HIV/AIDS
Quantitative Science
The Public Health Response to HIV/AIDS: What have we learned?
AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention and Control
HIV Treatment Meets Prevention: Antiretroviral Therapy as Prophylaxis
Challenges in Developing HIV Vaccines
AIDS Behavioural Prevention: Unprecedented Progress and Emerging Challenges
The Evolution of Comprehensive AIDS Clinical Care
The Ever-Changing Face of AIDS: Implications for Patient Care
Expanding Global Access to ARVs: The Challenges of Prices and Patents
The African Experience
Asia: Health Meets Human Rights
Global Activism
How HIV/AIDS Changed Gay Life in America: And What Others Can Learn from Our Experience
Drug Use
Management of HIV/AIDS in Correctional Settings
Medical Ethics and the Law

Quotes and reviews

"The book’s strengths are the way it explores the effect of HIV/AIDS on science broadly and on society in general and its inclusion, in every chapter, of predictions for the future. The AIDS Pandemic offers many superb accounts, often with unique insights. I would recommend The AIDS Pandemic as a reference source for anyone interested in almost any aspect of HIV/AIDS."
- Robert C Gallo, University of Maryland Baltimore, FOR THE LANCET (Nov 2005)

"...a compelling montage, full of interesting and unexpected twists in the storyline, even to a reader who has spent most of the past two decades deeply engaged with AIDS. ...This fine collection of essays records the early transformations of many disciplines in and beyond medicine. It is an excellent up-to-date, readable start to an examination of how AIDS has challenged us all, in medicine, public health, and beyond."
- Michael St. Louis, M.D., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA for THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE (September 2005)

"The book is an anthology, so the point of view is collective, not singular...an extremely valuable resource for physicians, researchers, policy makers, journalists, and patients."
-Stephen F. Morin, PhD, Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, University of California, San Francisco for JAMA (August 2004)

"...this book brings together a wide range of experts, who provide thoughtful insights on how AIDS has transformed our scientific thinking and approach to care and demonstrated the importance of social justice, medical ethics and human rights..."
-Michael Merson, M.D., Anna M.R. Lauder Professor and Dean of Public Health, Yale University (2004)

"After reading so much about what has not happened, it was refreshing to open The AIDS Pandemic, written by a diverse group of authors and edited by Ken Mayer and Hank Pizer. In the book’s preface, Mayer says that the ‘AIDS pandemic has transformed the multiple disciplines it has touched from molecular biology...to macroeconomics,’ and the following 19 chapters prove it. The authors describe not only the impact of the HIV pandemic (the problems) but also a number of programs, strategies, and innovations (the solutions)- and they do it in global terms...The chapter by Myron Cohen and Mina Hoseinipour entitled, ‘HIV Treatment Meets Prevention: Antiretroviral Therapy as Prophylaxis,’ should be required reading for HIV counselors, therapists, and social workers...I could say more, but instead I will recommend that you buy Meyer and Pizer’s book, read it, and pass it on to a colleague...If you want to look forward, read the book by Mayer and Pizer."
- William M. Valenti, MD, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry (April 2005)

"While the greatest epidemic in the history of the world continues on, the AIDS Pandemic offers a more comprehensive and timely view of its impact on both science and society. Because of the breadth of topics covered, and the expertise assembled, the book points the way forward and is a valuable addition to the library of the expert and the novice alike."
-Gerald T. Keusch, M.D., Assistant Provost and Associate Dean for Global Health, Director, Global Health Initiative at Boston University (2004)
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