Two-Dimensional Crystals

Two-Dimensional Crystals, 1st Edition

Two-Dimensional Crystals, 1st Edition,A. Naumovets,ISBN9780124605909


Lyuksyutov   &   Pokrovsky   

Academic Press




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Key Features

@introbul:Key Features
@bul:* Presents a coherent overview of experimental methods and theoretical background of two-dimensional crystal physics
* Provides a tutorial overview of continuous melting of two-dimensional crystals, roughening transitions, wetting phenomena, and commensurate-incommensurate transitions


This is a self-contained, tutorial introduction to two-dimensional crystal science and technology. Including concise descriptions of experimental methods and results from fundamental theoretical concepts, this book covers a broad range of two-dimensional structures--from overlayers to freestanding films. All those with an active interest in surface science and statistical physics will find this book to be an essential reference work.


Surface scientists--physicists, materials scientists, and chemists, and those interested in statistical physics.

A. Naumovets

Affiliations and Expertise

Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine

Two-Dimensional Crystals, 1st Edition

Introduction. Order and Disorder in Two-Dimensional Crystals. Experimental Methods. Atomic Structure of Two-Dimensional Crystals (Experimental Data). Free Two-Dimensional Crystals. Commensurate Crystals. Incommensurate Crystals at T=0. Thermodynamics of the Two-Dimensional Incommensurate Crystal. Solitons as Fermions. Equilibrium Shape of a Crystal and the Roughening Transition. Two-Dimensional Crystals and Surface Defects. From Two to Three Dimensions. Effects of Structure on Physical and Chemical Properties of Two-Dimensional Systems. References. Index.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:"This book achieves remarkable scope within its 423 pages....The authors, who are theoreticians, are remarkably conversant with the experimental techniques that are used to study 2D crystals....I think this volume will have the greatest value for the experimentalist who is interested in pursuing new work in this field and wants to get a feeling for the most important theoretical principles and results. It will also be very useful for experienced theoreticians who want to have a source volume for a wide variety of results in 2D physics; it will be an excellent place for them to get into the original literature on point in the history of the sundial."
@source:--SCIENCE [issue 1/93]
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