Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault, 1st Edition

A Forensic Handbook

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault, 1st Edition,Marc LeBeau,Ashraf Mozayani,ISBN9780124402614

LeBeau   &   Mozayani   

Academic Press




246 X 189

Shows how drugs are used as weapons in committing sexual assaults and how to successfully investigate these crimes

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Key Features

* Ideal for everyone involved in the investigation of these crimes, including forensic scientists, police officers, lawyers, toxicologists and medical professionals


This unique handbook educates readers in how drugs are used as weapons in committing sexual assaults. It is designed for everyone involved in the investigation of these crimes including forensic scientists, law enforcement officers, lawyers, toxicologists, and medical professionals.

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault looks at the history of these crimes over the years and includes an in-depth discussion of the drugs and drug classes in use today. It describes the effects of these drugs on the victims, the type of person who uses drugs to sexually assault an individual, and obstacles to investigating the suspect. The authors show how to properly collect and analyze evidence, overcome some of the unique difficulties encountered in these types of investigations, and work with other professionals to prosecute these cases successfully.


Forensic scientists, toxicologists, forensic nurses and emergency medical personnel, law enforcement officers, lawyers, date rape support/prevention groups, social historians and anthropologists.

Marc LeBeau

Affiliations and Expertise

FBI Laboratory, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Ashraf Mozayani

Affiliations and Expertise

Joseph A. Jachimczyk Forensic Center, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault, 1st Edition

1. The Victim
Gail Abarbanel
2. The Perpetrators and Their Modus Operandi
Michael Welner
3. Ethanol
James C. Garriott and Ashraf Mozayani
4. Rohypnol and Other Benzodiazepines
Michael Robertson and Lionel Raymon
5. Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and Related Products
Santa Davide Ferrara, Giampietro Frison, Luciano Tedeschi and Marc LeBeau
6. Hallucinogens
Lionel Raymon and Michael Robertson
7. Opioids
Rebecca A. Jufer and Amanda J. Jenkins
8. Miscellaneous Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications
Graham Jones and Peter Singer
9. Collection of Evidence from DFSA
Marc LeBeau and Ashraf Mozayani
10. Analysis of Biological Evidence from DFSA Cases
Marc LeBeau and Carla M. Noziglia
11. Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners
Linda Ledray
12. Investigating DFSA Cases
Joanne Archambault, Trinka Porrata and Peter Sturman
13. Prosecution of DFSA
Karla Kerlin, Diana M., and Stephen J. Paterson
Appendix A: Sample Questionnaire for DFSA Investigators
Appendix B: Sample Toxicological Request Form for DFSA Cases
Appendix C: Sample Search Warrant for DFSA Cases

Quotes and reviews

"This book is addressed to the primary stakeholders including police, medical professionals, lawyers, and forensic scientists...The reader will find this book worthwhile...a good overview of the many important considerations that are required to conduct comprehensive investigations, through forensic analyses and successful prosecutions."
-Philip M. Flogel, Commander Crime Scene Operations, New South Wales Police, for AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES

"...This book does an excellent job of summarizing the scientific evidence, considering practical challenges, and synthesizing them into a useful resource. This reference will be of interest to anyone who encounters drug-facilitated crimes. The forensic toxicology is very detailed...I am not aware of any other book that addresses the topic of drug-facilitated crimes comprehensively. Rated 4 Stars!"

"...is written for all those involved in the investigation of these crimes...focuses on the idea of teamwork for a successful investigation. The first portion of the handbook deals with the history of drug-facilitated crimes...The next portion addresses the difficulties surrounding the investigation and finally, the handbook outlines ideas and suggestions to overcome some of the difficulties encountered in these cases." - Law Enforcement Technology, Sept. 2006
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