Exploring Engineering

Exploring Engineering, 3rd Edition

An Introduction to Engineering and Design

Exploring Engineering, 3rd Edition,Robert Balmer,William Keat,George Wise,Philip Kosky,ISBN9780124158917

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Robert Balmer

Affiliations and Expertise

Retired, Dean of Engineering and Computer Science Union College, Schenectady, N.Y

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William Keat

Affiliations and Expertise

Associate Professor Union College, Schenectady, N.Y

George Wise

Affiliations and Expertise

Deputy Director of the Dudley Observatory

Philip Kosky

Affiliations and Expertise

G.E. Distinguished Research Professor of Mechanical Engineering Union College, Schenectady, N.Y

Exploring Engineering, 3rd Edition

Part 1: Lead-On

Chapter 1: What Engineers Do.

Chapter 2: Elements of Engineering Analysis.

Chapter 3: Force and Motion

Chapter 4: Energy Conversion

Chapter 5: Engineering Economics

Part 2: Minds-On

Traditional Engineering Fields

Chapter 6: Chemical Engineering:

Chapter 7: Civil Engineering:

Chapter 8: Computer Engineering

Chapter 9: Electrical Engineering

Chapter 10: Manufacturing Engineering.

Chapter 11: Materials Engineering

Chapter 12: Mechanical Engineering

Chapter 13: Nuclear Engineering

Emerging Engineering Fields

Chapter 14: Bioengineering

Chapter 15: Electrochemical Engineering

Chapter 16: Environmental Engineering

Chapter 16: Green Energy Engineering

Part 3: Hands-On.

Chapter 17: Introduction to Engineering Design.

Chapter 18: Design Step 1: Defining the Problem.

Chapter 19: Design Step 2: Generation of Alternative Concepts.

Chapter 20: Design Step 3: Evaluation of Alternatives & Selection of a Concept.

Chapter 21: Design Step 4: Detailed Design.

Chapter 22: Design Step 5: Design Defense.

Chapter 23: Design Step 6: Manufacturing and Testing.

Chapter 24: Design Step 7: Performance Evaluation.

Chapter 25: Design Step 8: The Final Design Report

Chapter 26: Examples of Design Competitions

Chapter 27: Closing Remarks

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