Construction Hazardous Materials Compliance Guide

Construction Hazardous Materials Compliance Guide, 1st Edition

Mold Detection, Abatement and Inspection Procedures

Construction Hazardous Materials Compliance Guide, 1st Edition,R. Dodge Woodson,ISBN9780124158405






A "boots on the ground" approach to the planning, monitoring and inspection of mold contaminated worksites

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Key Features

  • Expert advice for avoiding liabilities of the work of others
  • Packed with checklists, tables, and "quick lookup" materials
  • Tips for conducting pre and post worksite inspections
  • Step by step approach to planning and monitoring the daily worksite activities


While it would appear that contractors are not affected by the liabilities of the work of others, it is important that they understand the documentation that establishes culpability and the terms of restitution. A "boots on the ground" approach to the pre and post construction inspections as well as all activities in between, Construction Worksite Compliance Guide: Mold provides expert time saving tips to ensure that the job is done right the first time and according to state and Federal regulation. In this book, Woodson shares over 30 years of real-world experience for planning and monitoring the daily work activities on mold contaminated worksites. Packed with checklist, tables and "quick lookup" materials, this manual provides a step by step approach for monitoring workers who are performing the activities specified in a mold abatement work plans.


Construction Managers, Construction Engineers, Architects, Facilities Managers and Building Owners

R. Dodge Woodson

Affiliations and Expertise

General contractor and master plumber

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Construction Hazardous Materials Compliance Guide, 1st Edition



1. Basics about Mold


Where molds are found

The causes of molds in buildings

Mold concerns

Preventive maintenance

Protecting occupants during renovations or remodeling

Building evaluation

Selecting qualified professionals

Sampling for mold

Mold control and remediation

What to do about mold in the workplace

Getting more information for mold-related problems

Adverse health effects

OSHA assistance

2. Molds in the Environment

Health effects and symptoms associated with mold exposure

Toxic molds

3. OSHA Workplace Guidelines for Mold

Mold basics

Health effects


Remediation plan

Mold remediation/cleanup methods

Mold remediation guidelines

Personal protective equipment

Sampling for mold

Remediation equipment

How to know when you have finished remediation/cleanup



Additional Resources

4. Mold in Homes

How to get rid of mold

Who should do the cleanup?

Tips and techniques

Testing or sampling for mold

Cleanup and biocides

Beware of mold

5. General Mold Remediation Methods

Communicate when you remediate


Plan the remediation before starting the work

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system


The key to mold control is moisture control

Health concerns

Cleanup methods

Personal protective equipment



State requirements

6. Mold Following Hurricanes and Floods


Factors that produce mold growth

How persons are exposed to mold

Factors that cause disease from mold

Assessing exposure to mold

Cleanup and prevention

Personal protective equipment

Potential health effects of fungal contamination

Preventing fungal contamination after hurricanes or floods

Health-outcome surveillance and follow-up

7. Mold in Schools


Evaluation of investigation findings

Determining remediation scope

Administrative controls

Remediation practices considerations

Remediation evaluation

Examples of step-by-step remediation procedures

8. Licensing and Registration

General conditions

Applications and Renewal Fees

Insurance requirements

Examination and licensing requirements

Mold training requirements

Minimum work practices and procedures


Record retention

Documenting mold remediation





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