Credit Insurance, 1st Edition

Credit Insurance, 1st Edition,Miran Jus,ISBN9780124114586


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This short book describes the main functions, features, and principles of credit insurance with detailed descriptions of credit insurance coverage, insurance conditions, and credit insurance policy management

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Key Features

  • Explains how credit insurance has changed from an esoteric type of property insurance into a flexible and frequently used credit risk mitigation tool used on a global basis
  • Compares credit insurance with self-insurance and equivalent substitutes
  • Describes the types of insurance available and how to obtain and manage credit insurance policies


This monograph is practically oriented, presenting a survey and explanation of credit insurance services for protection of short-term trade receivables primarily against commercial risk of insolvency and protracted default. The subject matter (i.e., main functions, features and principles of credit insurance with detailed description of credit insurance coverage, insurance conditions, and credit insurance policy management) follows procedural stages and presents commercial, financial, legal, and practical points of view which emphasize the needs of both the providers of these services and their clients - existing and potential credit insured companies - as well as other practitioners.

Miran Jus

Miran Jus, Ph.D., is the Executive Director for Structured Financing and Legal Affairs at Korona Power Engineering, Inc. He also serves as an Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Ljubljana.

Affiliations and Expertise

Korona Power Engineering, Inc., University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Dr. Jus is Executive Director of Structured Financing and Legal Affairs.

Credit Insurance, 1st Edition

1. Introduction

2. What is Credit Insurance and What does it Offer?

3. Basics and Principles of Credit Insurance

4. Risk Management and Credit Insurance

5. Advantages of Credit Insurance

Quotes and reviews

"In making a case for the advantages of credit insurance for businesses, Jus…explains its history, terms, functions, principles, types, costs, processes involved in obtaining and administering such insurances, risk management policy, and claims handling. The book includes examples, figures relating to risk and credit, boxed information (e.g., on insurance vs. credit self-insurance), interspersed words of wisdom, and a bibliography of print and online sources."--Reference & Research Book News, December 2013


"Although this compact text lacks the structure to be a quick or easy reference guide, it certainly contains the bulk of the information executives would need to make informed decisions on how to protect their short-term trade receivables. getAbstract recommends this concise but thorough text to risk management professionals and to managers whose global or domestic businesses involve trade on credit."  --getAbstract, July 2014 

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