Advances in Food and Nutrition Research

Advances in Food and Nutrition Research, 1st Edition

Advances in Food and Nutrition Research, 1st Edition,Steve Taylor,ISBN9780124105409

Advances in Food and Nutrition Research

S Taylor   

Academic Press




229 X 152

This series continually publishes cutting-edge reviews in the areas of food science and nutrition.

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Key Features

*The latest important information for food scientists and nutritionists
*Peer-reviewed articles by a panel of respected scientists
*The go-to series since 1948


Advances in Food and Nutrition Research recognizes the integral relationship between the food and nutritional sciences and brings together outstanding and comprehensive reviews that highlight this relationship. Contributions detail scientific developments in the broad areas of food science and nutrition and are intended to provide those in academia and industry with the latest information on emerging research in these constantly evolving sciences.


Food scientists in academia and industry and professional nutritionists and dietitians.

Steve Taylor

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, USA

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Advances in Food and Nutrition Research, 1st Edition

Series Page



Chapter One. Finger Millet (Ragi, Eleusine coracana L.): A Review of Its Nutritional Properties, Processing, and Plausible Health Benefits

1 Introduction

2 History of Finger Millet

3 Millet Consumption in India

4 Nutritional Significance of Structural Features of Finger Millet

5 Nutrient Composition of Finger Millet

6 Phytonutrients/Phytochemicals

7 Processing and Utilization

8 Health Benefits of Finger Millet

9 In Vitro Studies on the Carbohydrate Digestibility of Finger Millet

10 Glycemic Response (GR) studies on Finger Millet (Human Studies)

11 Gaps in the Knowledge and Future Directions for Research

12 Conclusion

Chapter Two. Advances in Food Powder Agglomeration Engineering

1 Introduction

2 Food Powder Reactivity and Surface Properties

3 Hydrotextural Diagram

4 Agglomeration Mechanisms and Agglomerate Growth Maps

5 Agglomeration Processes

6 Dimensional Analysis of the Agglomeration Processes

7 Conclusions

Chapter Three. Dietary Strategies to Increase Satiety

1 Introduction

2 Dietary Protein and the Regulation of Food Intake and Body Weight

3 Carbohydrates and the Regulation of Food Intake and Body Weight

4 Fats and the Regulation of Food Intake

5 Teas, Caffeine, and Pungent Foods

6 Energy Density

7 Meal Plans

Chapter Four. Biotransformation of Polyphenols for Improved Bioavailability and Processing Stability

1 Introduction

2 Classification of Polyphenols

3 Biotransformation of Polyphenols: Strategies

4 Impact of Biotransformation

5 Conclusion


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