Powering Biomedical Devices

Powering Biomedical Devices, 1st Edition

Powering Biomedical Devices, 1st Edition,Edwar Romero,ISBN9780124077836


Academic Press




229 X 152

By briefly examining the key aspects of what is powered and how, Edwar Romero's short format text Powering Biomedical Devices gives readers a valuable overview of biomedical devices’ power sources.


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Key Features

  • A compact introduction to the vital topic of biomedical devices' power sources
  • Reviews the background, current technologies, and possible future developments of biomedical power sources
  • Short-format text allows for material that is clear, concise, and to-the-point
  • Extensive references provided for further reading


From exoskeletons to neural implants, biomedical devices are no less than life-changing. Compact and constant power sources are necessary to keep these devices running efficiently. Edwar Romero's Powering Biomedical Devices reviews the background, current technologies, and possible future developments of these power sources, examining not only the types of biomedical power sources available (macro, mini, MEMS, and nano), but also what they power (such as prostheses, insulin pumps, and muscular and neural stimulators), and how they work (covering batteries, biofluids, kinetic and thermal energy, and telemetry).

The book also looks at challenges such as energy generation efficiency, energy density, rectification, and energy storage and management. A final section on future trends rounds out the book. By briefly examining these key aspects, this book gives its readers a valuable overview of biomedical devices' power sources.


Powering Biomedical Devices’ intended audience includes biomedical device designers and researchers, biomedical engineering students, and engineers in related areas (e.g., power or thermal engineering) who can apply their principles to biomedical engineering.

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Powering Biomedical Devices, 1st Edition

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. Introduction
    • 1.1 Technology Trend
    • 1.2 Energy Harvesting
    • 1.3 Energy Limits
  • Chapter 2. Power Sources
    • 2.1 Actual Power Sources
    • 2.2 Energy Generation from the Human Body
    • 2.3 Power Limits
  • Chapter 3. Enabling Technologies
    • 3.1 Chemical Energy
    • 3.2 Thermal Energy
    • 3.3 Kinetic Energy
  • Chapter 4. Power Consumption and Applications
  • Chapter 5. Future Trends
    • 5.1 Challenges
    • 5.2 Future
  • References
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