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Strategic Intelligence Management

Strategic Intelligence Management, 1st Edition

National Security Imperatives and Information and Communications Technologies

Strategic Intelligence Management, 1st Edition,Babak Akhgar,Simeon Yates,ISBN9780124071919

Akhgar   &   Yates   




235 X 191

Breaks new ground in managing intelligence through information and communication technologies (ICT) applications!

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Key Features

  • Hot topics like cyber terrorism, Big Data, and Somali pirates, addressed in terms the layperson can understand, with solid research grounding
  • Fills a gap in existing literature on intelligence, technology, and national security


Strategic Intelligence Management introduces both academic researchers and law enforcement professionals to contemporary issues of national security and information management and analysis. This contributed volume draws on state-of-the-art expertise from academics and law enforcement practitioners across the globe. The chapter authors provide background, analysis, and insight on specific topics and case studies. Strategic Intelligent Management explores the technological and social aspects of managing information for contemporary national security imperatives.

Academic researchers and graduate students in computer science, information studies, social science, law, terrorism studies, and politics, as well as professionals in the police, law enforcement, security agencies, and government policy organizations will welcome this authoritative and wide-ranging discussion of emerging threats.


Students in homeland security and national security as well as information security programs in US and EMEA; law enforcement and intelligence practitioners in US, UK, & Europe

Babak Akhgar

Babak Akhgar (PhD, FBCS), Professor of Informatics at Sheffield Hallam University and Director of Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organised Crime Research (CENTRIC)

Affiliations and Expertise

(PhD, FBCS), Professor of Informatics, Director of CENTRIC

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Simeon Yates

Simeon Yates was formerly at Sheffield Hallam University and CENTRIC, and is now Director of the Institute of Cultural Capital, a strategic collaboration between Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Liverpool (UK).

Strategic Intelligence Management, 1st Edition

Foreword (Lord Carlile of Berriew CBE, QC)

Part 1: Foundation of National Security

1.1 National Security Strategy

1.2 A framework for formulation of National security strategies and narratives

1.3 "We have met the enemy and they are us": Insider Threat and its Challenge to National Security

1.4 A Global Terrorism Threat Assessment

1.5 4th Generation Warfare at Sea: Implications for National Security

1.6. CBRN and threat assessment for global security

Part 2: Understanding tools and techniques

2.1 Law enforcement agencies guide to Big data concept and business intelligence

2.2 Critical success factors for data-mining and business intelligence protocols to combat terrorism

2.3 Data fusion and knowledge integration in National Security context

2.4 Security Policy Reasoning with the Automated Transaction Graph for financial crime

Part 3: Analytical methods and tools

3.1 Social media analysis for crisis management - Athena Project

3.2 CT intelligence analysis

3.3 Online behaviour from radical to extremism -analytical models using cognitive maps

3.4 Social Media analysis

Part 4: Security applications

4.1 Exploring "The Crisis Management/Knowledge Management Nexus"

4.2 Open source exploitation for "Intelligent surveillance and enhancing border security"

4.3 Intelligence Management tools for global terrorism assessment

Part 5: Cyber Security and Terrorism

5.1 Cyber Security Strategy

5.2 Cyber security Tools and Countermeasures to combat Cyber-Terrorism

5.3 "National Cyber Defence Strategy "

5.4 Cyber Security Research

Concluding remarks

Quotes and reviews

"International contributors in computing, communications systems, criminology, and emergency medicine provide a detailed overview for scholars, policy makers, and those in law, security, government, and business. The book examines current issues of national security strategy in the context of new global communication networks and global connections among regions and resources."--Reference & Research Book News, December 2013

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