Matlab, 3rd Edition

A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving

Matlab, 3rd Edition,Stormy Attaway,ISBN9780124058767



9780124058767 New edition



235 X 191

The only book that gives a full introduction to programming in MATLAB combined with an explanation of MATLAB’s powerful functions, enabling engineers to fully exploit MATLAB’s power to solve engineering problems.

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Key Features

  • Presents programming concepts and MATLAB built-in functions side-by-side
  • Systematic, step-by-step approach, building on concepts throughout the book, facilitating easier learning
  • Sections on common pitfalls and programming guidelines direct students towards best practice


MATLAB has become the standard software tool for solving scientific and engineering problems due to its powerful built-in functions and its ability to program. Assuming no knowledge of programming, this book guides the reader through both programming and built-in functions to easily exploit MATLAB's extensive capabilities for tackling engineering problems.

The book starts with programming concepts, such as variables, assignments, and selection statements, moves on to loops, and then solves problems using both the programming concept and the power of MATLAB. In-depth coverage is given to input/output, a topic fundamental to many engineering applications.

The third edition of MATLAB: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving has been updated to reflect the functionality of the current version of MATLAB. It features new and revised end-of-chapter exercises, stronger coverage of loops and vectorizing, and more engineering applications to help the reader learn this software tool in context.


Engineers learning to program and model in Matlab. Undergraduates in engineering and science taking a course that uses (or recommends) MATLAB.

Stormy Attaway

Ph.D., Boston University

Stormy Attaway is Assistant Professor and Faculty Coordinator for Special Programs within the Mechanical Engineering Department at Boston University. She also currently serves as Director of Curricular Assessment and Improvement for the College of Engineering. In this capacity, she coordinates the curricular assessment and improvement programs within the College, in order to better the academic experience of the undergraduates. She has been the course coordinator for the Engineering Computation courses at Boston University for over twenty years, and has taught a variety of programming courses using many different languages and software packages.

Affiliations and Expertise

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Boston University, and Director, Curricular Assessment and Improvement, College of Engineering

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Matlab, 3rd Edition

Chapter 1: Introduction to MATLAB

Chapter 2: Vectors and Matrices

Chapter 3: Introduction to MATLAB Programming

Chapter 4: Selection Statements

Chapter 5: Loop Statements and Vectorizing Code

Chapter 6: MATLAB Programs

Chapter 7: String Manipulation

Chapter 8: Data Structures: Cell Arrays and Structures

Chapter 9: Advanced File Input and Output

Chapter 10: Advanced Functions

Chapter 11: Advanced Plotting Techniques

Chapter 12: Basic Statistics, Sets, Sorting, and Indexing

Chapter 13: Sights and Sounds

Chapter 14: Advanced Mathematics

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