Current Challenges in Personalized Cancer Medicine

Current Challenges in Personalized Cancer Medicine, 1st Edition

Current Challenges in Personalized Cancer Medicine, 1st Edition,Keiran Smalley,ISBN9780123979278

Advances in Pharmacology

K Smalley   

Academic Press




229 X 152

For this volume of Advances in Pharmacology, we have brought together some of the foremost basic science and clinical researchers to discuss some of the new frontiers in the development of targeted cancer therapy

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Key Features

  • Brought together some of the foremost basic science and clinical researchers
  • Part of the renowned Advances in Pharmacology Serial
  • Discussion of some of the new frontiers in the development of targeted cancer therapy


For this volume of Advances in Pharmacology we have brought together some of the foremost basic science and clinical researchers to discuss some of the new frontiers in the development of targeted cancer therapy. Although still in its formative stages, the development of targeted cancer therapies has already shown incredible promise in a limited number of cancer types. As basic cancer research and drug development continues, we expect this number to grow and more patients to benefit from these exciting advances. Through better patient selection and novel strategies to manage resistance, a future can be envisaged in which cancer can be reduced to the level of a chronic, manageable disease.


Pharmacologists, immunologists, and biochemists

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Current Challenges in Personalized Cancer Medicine, 1st Edition



Chapter One Vertical Pathway Targeting in Cancer Therapy

1 Introduction

2 Mitogenic Signaling in Cancer

3 Monoclonal Antibodies and Small Molecule Inhibitors Targeting Oncogenic Signaling in Cancer

4 Targeting of Parallel Signaling Pathways

5 Vertical Pathway Targeting

6 Conclusion

Chapter Two Histone Deacetylases (HDACs) as Mediators of Resistance to Apoptosis in Melanoma and as Targets for Combination Therapy with Selective BRAF Inhibitors

1 Introduction

2 HDACs in Melanoma

3 HDACs as Suppressors of Apoptosis

4 HDAC Inhibitors Reverse Resistance of Melanoma Cells to Induction of Apoptosis by Selective BRAF Inhibitors

5 Reversal of Resistance to PLX4720 is Associated with Changes in the Bcl-2 Family Proteins

6 Pan-HDAC Inhibitors Reverse the Resistance of Melanoma Cell Lines to Selective BRAF inhibitors: Multispecific versus Specific Agents in Reversal of Resistance to Selective BRAF Inhibitors

7 Conclusion


Chapter Three Targeting the Tumor Stroma as a Novel Treatment Strategy for Breast Cancer

1 Introduction

2 Exploiting the Multifaceted Roles of CAF in Tumor Progression in Development of Novel Therapeutic Strategies for TNBC

3 Future CAF Targeting Strategies

4 Conclusion


Chapter Four Targeting the Metabolic Microenvironment of Tumors

1 Introduction

2 Imaging the Tumor Microenvironment

3 Targeting Glucose Metabolism

4 Targeting Hypoxia

5 Targeting Acidosis

6 Manipulating the Microenvironment for Therapeutic Benefit

7 Conclusion

Non-standard Abbreviations

Chapter Five Targeted Therapy for Brain Metastases

1 Introduction

2 Lung Cancer

3 Breast Cancer

4 Melanoma

5 Conclusion


Chapter Six Emerging Strategies for Targeting Cell Adhesion in Multiple Myeloma

1 Introduction

2 Role of Adhesion in MM Disease Progression

3 Therapies Targeting Cell Adhesion

4 Conclusion


Chapter Seven Targeting Notch Signaling for Cancer Therapeutic Intervention

1 Introduction

2 Notch Signaling in Cancer

3 Notch Pathway as Potential Therapeutic Targets in Cancer

4 Conclusion


Chapter Eight Stem-Like Cells and Therapy Resistance in Squamous Cell Carcinomas

1 Introduction

2 CSCs

3 CSCs in SCCs

4 Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition and Stemness in SCCs

5 Therapy Resistance in CSCs

6 CSCs in SCC Clinical Samples and Prognosis

7 Discussion

8 Conclusion

Chapter Nine Targeting the Tumor Stroma as a Novel Therapeutic Approach for Prostate Cancer

1 Introduction

2 CAF Taxonomy

3 Myofibroblast Conversion During Normal and Pathological Conditions

4 CAF Heterogeneity

5 Targeting the Inductive Properties of CAF

6 Conclusion


Chapter Ten Resistance to Chemotherapy

1 Introduction

2 Long-Term Mechanisms of Resistance to Targeted Therapy

3 Resistance of Stem Cell-Like Subpopulations

4 Plasticity of Transiently Drug-Tolerant Subpopulations

5 Potential Strategies to Treat Drug-Tolerant Subpopulations

6 Conclusion


Chapter Eleven Intratumoral Heterogeneity as a Therapy Resistance Mechanism

1 Introduction

2 Molecular Overview of Melanoma

3 Therapeutic Overview

4 Therapy Resistance

5 Tumor Heterogeneity and Melanoma Subpopulations: Their Role in Therapy Resistance

6 New Approaches to Therapy

7 Future Directions

8 Conclusion


Chapter Twelve Chemoprevention of Melanoma

1 Introduction

2 Melanoma Models for Studying the Efficacy of Chemopreventive Agents

3 Chemopreventive Agents that have been Tested for Preventing Melanomas

4 Conclusion


Chapter Thirteen Whole Genome and Exome Sequencing of Melanoma

1 Introduction

2 Melanoma Genetics

3 Personalized Therapeutics

4 Conclusion


Chapter Fourteen Targeted Therapy for Gastric Adenocarcinoma

1 Introduction

2 Molecular Targets in Gastric Cancer

3 Conclusion


Chapter Fifteen HSP90 Inhibitors for Cancer Therapy and Overcoming Drug Resistance

1 Introduction

2 Clinical Development of HSP90 Inhibitors

3 Development of Biomarkers and/or Companion Diagnostic Assays

4 Conclusion


Chapter Sixteen Apoptosis In Targeted Therapy Responses

1 Introduction

2 Background

3 Consequences of Oncogene Inhibition in Oncogene-Addicted Cancers


5 BH3 Profiling

6 Cellular Mechanisms That Reduce BIM in Cancers

7 Alternative Therapies to Overcome Low BIM Expression

8 Conclusion



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