Feature Extraction & Image Processing for Computer Vision

Feature Extraction & Image Processing for Computer Vision, 3rd Edition

Feature Extraction & Image Processing for Computer Vision, 3rd Edition,Mark Nixon,ISBN9780123965493


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Mark Nixon

Mark Nixon is the Professor in Computer Vision at the University of Southampton UK. His research interests are in image processing and computer vision. His team develops new techniques for static and moving shape extraction which have found application in biometrics and in medical image analysis. His team were early workers in automatic face recognition, later came to pioneer gait recognition and more recently joined the pioneers of ear biometrics. With Tieniu Tan and Rama Chellappa, their book Human ID based on Gait is part of the Springer Series on Biometrics and was published in 2005. He has chaired/ program chaired many conferences (BMVC 98, AVBPA 03, IEEE Face and Gesture FG06, ICPR 04, ICB 09, IEEE BTAS 2010) and given many invited talks. Dr. Nixon is a Fellow IET and a Fellow IAPR.

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, UK.

Feature Extraction & Image Processing for Computer Vision, 3rd Edition

1. Introduction
2. Images, Sampling and Frequency Domain Processing
3. Basic Image Processing Operations
4. Low-Level Feature Extraction (including Edge Detection)
5. High-Level Feature Extraction: Fixed Shape Matching
6. High-Level Feature Extraction: Deformable Shape Analysis
7. Object Description
8. Introduction to Texture Description, Segmentation and Classification
9. Moving Object Detection and Description
10. Appendix 1: Camera Geometry Fundamentals
11. Appendix 2: Least Squares Analysis
12. Appendix 3: Principal Components Analysis
13. Appendix 4: Colour Images

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