Metal Transporters

Metal Transporters, 1st Edition

Metal Transporters, 1st Edition,Jose Arguello,Svetlana Lutsenko,ISBN9780123943903

Current Topics in Membranes

Arguello   &   Lutsenko   

Academic Press




229 X 152

This series continually publishes cutting-edge reviews in the fields of  biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology.

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  • Field is cutting-edge and a lot of the information is new to research community
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This volume of Current Topics in Membranes focuses on metal transmembrane transporters and pumps, a recently discovered family of membrane proteins with many important roles in the physiology of living organisms. The book summarizes the most recent advances in the field of metal ion transport and provides a broad overview of the major classes of transporters involved in homeostasis of heavy metals. Various families of the transporters and metal specificities are discussed with the focus on the structural and mechanistic aspects of their function and regulation. The reader will access information obtained through a variety of approaches ranging from X-ray crystallography to cell biology and bioinformatics, which have been applied to transporters identified in diverse biological systems, such as pathogenic bacteria, plants, humans and others.


Researchers in biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology.

Jose Arguello

Affiliations and Expertise

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Svetlana Lutsenko

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Physiology Johns Hopkins University

Metal Transporters, 1st Edition

  1. Regulation of Copper Transporters in Human Cells
  2. Nesrin M. Hasan and Svetlana Lutsenko

  3. Transferrin Mediated Cellular Iron Delivery
  4. Ashley N. Steere and Anne B. Mason

  5. Structure, Function and Binding Selectivity and Stereoselectivity of Siderophore-Iron Outer Membrane Transporters
  6. Isabelle J. Schalk, Gaëtan L. A. Mislin and Karl Brillet

  7. Iron Transport Machinery of Human Cells: Players and their Interactions
  8. Ningning Zhao and Caroline A. Enns

  9. Structure and Function of Copper Uptake Transporters
  10. Christopher R Pope, Adrian G Flores, Jack H Kaplan and Vinzenz M Unger

  11. Toward a Molecular Understanding of Metal Transport by P1B-Type ATPases
  12. Amy C. Rosenzweig and José M. Argüello

  13. Metal Export by CusCFBA, the Periplasmic Cu(I)/Ag(I) Transport System of E. coli
  14. Tiffany D. Mealman, Ninian J. Blackburn and Megan M. McEvoy

  15. Molecular Architecture and Function of ZnT Transporters
  16. Taiho Kambe

  17. The Cation Selectivity of the ZIP Transporters
  18. Robert E. Dempski

  19. Nramp: from Sequence to Structure and Mechanism of Divalent Metal Import
  20. Mathieu FM. Cellier

  21. Genetic and Biochemical Approaches for Studying the Yellow Stripe-Like (YSL) Transporter Family in Plants
  22. Sarah S. Conte and Elsbeth L. Walker

  23. Pathways of Arsenic Uptake and Efflux
  24. Hung-Chi Yang, Hsueh-Liang Fu , Yung-Feng Lin and Barry P. Rosen

  25. Extra Heme Uptake and the Challenges of Bacterial Cell Membranes
  26. Aaron D. Smith and Angela Wilks

  27. The Mechanisms of Mg2+ and Co2+ Transport by the CorA Family of Divalent Cation Transporters

Albert Guskov and Said Eshaghi

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