Advances in Applied Microbiology

Advances in Applied Microbiology, 1st Edition

Advances in Applied Microbiology, 1st Edition,Geoffrey Gadd,Sima Sariaslani,ISBN9780123943811

Advances in Applied Microbiology

Gadd   &   Sariaslani   

Academic Press




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The Advances in Applied Microbiology series features comprehensive reviews on cutting-edge topics in applied microbiology, written by experts in the field

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Key Features

  • Contributions from leading authorities
  • Informs and updates on all the latest developments in the field


Published since 1959, Advances in Applied Microbiology continues to be one of the most widely read and authoritative review sources in microbiology.

The series contains comprehensive reviews of the most current research in applied microbiology. Recent areas covered include bacterial diversity in the human gut, protozoan grazing of freshwater biofilms, metals in yeast fermentation processes and the interpretation of host-pathogen dialogue through microarrays.

Impact factor for 2010: 3.913.


Researchers in applied microbiology, molecular biology, mycology, biotechnology and biochemistry

Geoffrey Gadd

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Dundee, Scotland, UK

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Sima Sariaslani

Sima Sariaslani - PhD in microbial Biochemistry - UK Professor of microbiology/biochemistry - Iran Research at Univ. of Calif, Riverside - US Research at Univ. of Iowa - US Research at DuPont Central Research and Development - US Intellectual property - DuPont - US

Affiliations and Expertise

DuPont Central Research and Development, Wilmington, DE, USA

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Advances in Applied Microbiology, 1st Edition


Chapter One The Bacterial Etiology of Preterm Birth

1 Preterm Birth and Associated Morbidity and Mortality

2 Intrauterine Invasion by Vaginal Bacteria

3 The Pathogenesis of Infectious Preterm Birth

4 Prevention and Treatment

5 Conclusion

Chapter Two The Future of Taxonomy

1 Introduction

2 The Past

3 The Present

4 The Future

Chapter Three Mathematics Make Microbes Beautiful, Beneficial, and Bountiful

1 Introduction: Bacterial “Blooms”

2 Counting, Measuring, and Calculating

3 Graphing, Mapping, and Ordering

4 Problem-Solving

5 Analysis of the “Bacterial Bonanza”

6 Hypothesis Testing

7 Modeling

8 Conclusion

Chapter Four Pleiomorphism in Mycobacterium

1 Introduction

2 Morphological Variations in Bacteria

3 Mycobacterium spp.—Morphology and Pleiomorphism

4 Symmetric Versus Asymmetric Cell Division

5 Regulatory Genes and Spore Formation in the Firmicutes

6 Regulatory Genes Involved in the Sporulation Pathway—B. subtilis Versus Mycobacterium spp.

7 Domestication—“You Study What You Select For”

8 Concluding Remarks

Chapter Five Review: Metal-Based Nanoparticles; Size, Function, and Areas for Advancement in Applied Microbiology

1 Introduction

2 Current Forms, Function, and Production of Commercially Synthesized Nanoparticles

3 Biological Synthesis of Nanoparticles (Focus on Fe and AgNPs)

4 Potential Molecular Genetic Manipulation of Microbes to Enhance Nanoparticle Production

5 Conclusion


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Quotes and reviews

Praise for the series:
"No laboratory scientist, field worker or technical administrator can afford to pass it up." --ASM News
"The topics are well supported by an extensive bibliography and provide a rich source of current information." --Biopharm

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