Security and Loss Prevention

Security and Loss Prevention, 6th Edition

An Introduction

Security and Loss Prevention, 6th Edition,ISBN9780123878465





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Multidisciplinary approach to teaching foundations, concepts, and theories of security and loss prevention to help security professionals meet today’s critical challenges

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Key Features

  • New focus on recent technologies like social networks, digital evidence warrants, and advances in CCTV, and how those apply to security and loss prevention.
  • Incorporates changes in laws, presents various strategies of asset protection, and covers the ever-evolving technology of security and loss prevention.
  • Utilizes end-of-chapter case problems that take the chapters’ content and relate it to real security situations and issues, offering various perspectives on contemporary security challenges.
  • Includes student study questions and an accompanying Instructor’s manual with lecture slides, lesson plans, and an instructor test bank for each chapter.


The sixth edition of Security and Loss Prevention continues the tradition of providing introductory and advanced coverage of the body of knowledge of the security profession. To bridge theory to practice is the book’s backbone, and Philip Purpura continues this strong effort with new sidebars and text boxes presenting actual security challenges from real-life situations.

Globally recognized and on the ASIS International Certified Protection Professional reading list, the sixth edition of Security and Loss Prevention enhances its position in the market as a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and up-to-date treatment of the area, connecting the public and private sector and the worlds of physical security and technological security. Purpura once again demonstrates why students and professionals alike rely on this best-selling text as a timely, reliable resource encompassing the breadth and depth of considerations involved when implementing general loss prevention concepts and security programs within an organization.


Undergraduate and graduate students, students at for-profit schools, security practitioners, military personnel, those studying for the CPP exam (ASIS International) and anyone interested in security and loss prevention for a wide variety of operations---industrial, critical infrastructure sectors, retail, healthcare, schools, non-profits, homeland security agencies, military, criminal justice agencies, other government agencies, etc.

Security and Loss Prevention, 6th Edition

Part I Introduction to Security and Loss Prevention

Chapter 1 The History of Security and Loss Prevention: A Critical Perspective

Chapter 2 The Business, Careers, and Challenges of Security and Loss Prevention

Part II Reducing the Problem of Loss

Chapter 3 Foundations of Security and Loss Prevention

Chapter 4 Law

Chapter 5 Internal and External Relations

Chapter 6 Applicant Screening and Employee Socialization

Chapter 7 Internal Threats and Countermeasures

Chapter 8 External Threats and Countermeasures

Chapter 9 Services and Systems: Methods Toward Wise Purchasing Decisions

Chapter 10 Investigations

Chapter 11 Accounting, Accountability, and Auditing

Chapter 12 Resilience, Risk Management, Business Continuity, and Emergency Management

Chapter 13 Life Safety, Fire Protection, and Emergencies

Chapter 14 Safety in the Workplace

Part III Special Problems and Countermeasures

Chapter 15 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Chapter 16 Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Chapter 17 Protecting Commercial and Institutional Critical Infrastructure

Chapter 18 Topics of Concern

Chapter 19 Your Future in Security and Loss Prevention

Quotes and reviews

"The sixth edition of this comprehensive resource for the security professional has been updated to be even more relevant…it now includes more topics related to the quickly moving field of information technology…a model overview of the security industry and a solid and reliable reference."--SecurityManagement.com and in ASIS Dynamics, May/June 2014
"The sixth edition of this best-selling book continues the tradition of providing introductory and advanced coverage of the security profession for both students and professionals…Globally recognized and on the ASIS International Certified Protection Professional reading list, the new edition contains updates on security and loss prevention research and methods as well as an all-new focus on recent technologies…how these apply to security and loss prevention."--SecurityPark online, December 16, 2013

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