Plant Responses to drought and Salinity stress:

Plant Responses to drought and Salinity stress:, 1st Edition

Developments in a Post-Genomic Era

Plant Responses to drought and Salinity stress:, 1st Edition,Ismail Turkan,ISBN9780123876928

Advances in Botanical Research

I Turkan   

Academic Press




229 X 152

This thematic volume describes developments in the understanding of plant responses to drought and salinity in post-genomic and are evaluated by worldwide known experts.

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Key Features

* Multidisciplinary reviews written from a broad range of scientific perspectives
* For over 40 years, series has enjoyed a reputation for excellence
* Contributors internationally recognized authorities in their respective fields


Advances in Botanical Research publishes in-depth and up-to-date reviews on a wide range of topics in plant sciences. Currently in its 57th volume, the series features a wide range of reviews by recognized experts on all aspects of plant genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, physiology and ecology. This thematic volume describes developments in understanding of plant responses to drought and salinity in post-genomic and are evaluated by world wide- known experts.


Postgraduates and researchers in plant sciences, including botany, plant biochemistry, plant physiology, plant pathology, virology, entomology, and molecular biology

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Plant Responses to drought and Salinity stress:, 1st Edition

  1. Plant Adaptations to Salt and Water Stress: Differences and Commonalities
  2. R. Munns

  3. Recent Advances in Understanding the Regulation of Whole Plant Growth Inhibition by Salinity, Drought and Colloid Stress
  4. P.M. Neumann

  5. Recent Advances in Photosynthesis Under Drought and Salinity
  6. M.M.chaves, J.M. Costa and N.J.M. Saibo

  7. Plants in Extreme Environments: Importance of Protective Compounds in Stress Tolerance
  8. L. Szabados, H. Kovács, A. Zilberstein and A. Bouchereau

  9. Ion Transport in Halophytes
  10. S. Shabala and A. Mackay

  11. The Regulatory Networks of Plant Responses to Abscisic Acid
  12. T. Umezawa, T. Hirayama, T. Kuromori and K. Shinozaki

  13. Molecular mechanisms of abscisic acid action in plants and its potential applications to human health
  14. A. Joshi-saha, C. Valon and J. Leung

  15. Signaling Strategies during Drought and Salinity, Recent News
  16. T. Demiral, I. Türkan and A. Hediye sekmen

  17. An overview of the current understanding of desiccation tolerance in the vegetative tissues of higher plants
  18. M. V. Morse, M. S. Rafudeen and J. M. Farrant

  19. Root tropism: its mechanism and possible functions in drought avoidance
  20. Y. Miyazawa, T. Yamazaki, T. Moriwaki and H. Takahashi

  21. Roles of a Circadian Clock in Developmental Controls and Stress Responses in Arabidopsis: Exploring a Link For 3 Components of Clock Function in Arabidopsis
  22. R. Nefissi, Y. Natsui, A. Ghorbel and T. Mizoguchi

  23. Engineering Salinity and Water Stress Tolerance in Crop Plants: Getting Closer to the Field
  24. Z. Peleg, M. P. Apse and E. Blumwald

  25. Drought Stress: Molecular Genetics and Genomics Approaches

M. Kantar, S. J. Lucas and H. Budak

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