The Genetics of Circadian Rhythms

The Genetics of Circadian Rhythms, 1st Edition

The Genetics of Circadian Rhythms, 1st Edition,Stuart Brody,ISBN9780123876904

Advances in Genetics

S Brody   

Academic Press




229 X 152

The latest volume in the widely-praised Advances in Genetics series

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This latest volume in Advances in Genetics covers the genetics of Circadian rhythms. With an international  group of authors this volume is the latest offering in this widely praised series.


Geneticists, molecular biologists, neurobiologists

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The Genetics of Circadian Rhythms, 1st Edition


Stuart Brody

2 The Itty-Bitty Time Machine: Genetics of the

Cyanobacterial Circadian Clock

Shannon R. Mackey, Susan S. Golden, and Jayna L. Ditty

3 The Genetics of Circadian Rhythms in Neurospora

Patricia L. Lakin-Thomas, Deborah Bell-Pedersen, and

Stuart Brody

4 The Genetics of Plant Clocks

C. Robertson McClung

5 Molecular Genetic Analysis of Circadian Timekeeping

in Drosophila

Paul E. Hardin

6 Genetics of Circadian Rhythms in Mammalian Model


Phillip L. Lowrey and Joseph S. Takahashi

7 The Genetics of the Human Circadian Clock

Luoying Zhang, Chris R. Jones, Louis J. Ptacek, and

Ying-Hui Fu

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