Gene-Environment Interplay, 1st Edition

Gene-Environment Interplay, 1st Edition,Maria B. Sokolowski,ISBN9780123876874

Advances in Genetics

M Sokolowski   

Academic Press




229 X 152

This series continually publishes cutting-edge reviews in the rapidly evolving field of genetics.

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Key Features

  • Includes methods for testing with ethical, legal, and social implications


The field of genetics is rapidly evolving, and new medical breakthroughs are occurring as a result of advances in knowledge gained from genetics reasearch. This thematic volume of Advances in Genetics looks at Socio-Genetics.


Geneticists, molecular biologists, neurobiologists

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Gene-Environment Interplay, 1st Edition

  • Series Page
  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1 Social Influences on Circadian Rhythms and Sleep in Insects
    • I Introduction
    • II The Circadian System of Insects
    • III Social Influences on Circadian Rhythms in Insects
    • IV Sleep
    • V Social Influences on Sleep in Insects
    • VI Conclusions
  • Chapter 2 Interplay Between Social Experiences and the Genome: Epigenetic Consequences for Behavior
    • I Epigenetic Mechanisms and Development
    • II Epigenetic Impact of Social Experiences
    • III Role of Epigenetics in Shaping Social Behavior
    • IV Conclusions and Future Directions
  • Chapter 3 One, Two, and Many—A Perspective on What Groups of Drosophila melanogaster Can Tell Us About Social Dynamics
    • I Introduction
    • II The Behavioral Effects of Social Context
    • III System-Level and Network Approaches to Social Context
    • IV Conclusion
  • Chapter 4 The Circadian Clock of the Fly: A Neurogenetics Journey Through Time
    • I Introduction
    • II The Molecular Components of the Clock
    • III Entrainment
    • IV Which Clock Is It Anyway?
    • V Conclusions
  • Subject Index

Quotes and reviews

Praise for previous volumes in the series:
"Outstanding both in variety and in the quality of its contributions." –Nature

"Can be highly recommended to geneticists, and biologists in general...will prove to be of high importance for the development of the science of genetics." –Science

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