Marine Medicinal Foods

Marine Medicinal Foods, 1st Edition

Implications and Applications, Macro and Microalgae

Marine Medicinal Foods, 1st Edition,Steve Taylor,ISBN9780123876690

Advances in Food and Nutrition Research

S Taylor   

Academic Press




229 X 152

This volume on medicinal foods from the sea narrates the bioactive principles of various marine floral (vertebrate and Invertebrate), faunal (Macro and Micro algal) and microbial sources.

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*The latest important information for food scientists and nutritionists
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This volume on medicinal foods from the sea narrates the bioactive principles of various marine floral (vertebrate and Invertebrate), faunal (Macro and Micro algal) and microbial sources. Contributions from eminent scientists worldwide explain about the latest advance implications in the development and application of marine originated functional foods, as potential pharmaceuticals and medicines for the benefit of humankind by meeting the present nutraceutical demands.


Food scientists in academia and industry and professional nutritionists and dietitians.

Steve Taylor

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, USA

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Marine Medicinal Foods, 1st Edition

  1. Present and Future Prospects of Seaweeds in Developing Functional Foods
  2. Eresha Mendis and Se-Kwon Kim

  3. Nutritional and Digestive Health Benefits of Seaweed
  4. Niranjan Rajapakse and Se-Kwon Kim

  5. Marine Edible Algae as Disease Preventers
  6. Graciela Guerra-Rivas, Claudia Mariana Gomez-Gutierrez, Ima Esthela Soria-Mercado and Nahara Ernestina Ayala-Sánchez

  7. Potential Role of Marine Algae on Female Health, Beauty and Longevity
  8. Se-Kwon Kim and Ratih Pangestuti

  9. Sea Lettuces: Culinary Uses and Nutritional Value
  10. Se-Kwon Kim, Ratih Pangestuti and Puji Rahmadi

  11. Marine Algal Sources for Treating Bacterial Diseases
  12. M.L. Arvinda Swamy

  13. Physical, Chemical and Biological Properties of Wonder Kelp- Laminaria
  14. Se-Kwon Kim and Ira Bhatnagar

  15. Medicinal Effects of Phlorotannins from Marine Brown Algae
  16. Se Kwon Kim and Himaya S.W.A.

  17. Biological Activities and Potential Health Benefits of Fucoxanthin Derived from Marine Brown Algae
  18. Se-Kwon Kim and Ratih Pangestuti

  19. Phlorotannins and Fucoidans from Marine Macroalgae as Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitory Substances and their possible Application as Medicinal Foods
  20. Se-Kwon Kim, Noel Vinay Thomas and Xifeng Li

  21. Protective Effect of Polysaccharide from Hizikia Fusiformis against Ethanol-Induced Toxicity
  22. Hye-Jung Hwang, In-Hye Kim, Taek-Jeong Nam

  23. Functional properties of brown algal sulfated polysaccharides, fucoidans
  24. You-Jin Jeon, W. A. J. P. Wijesinghe and Se-Kwon Kim

  25. Polysacchrides from Capsosiphon fulvescens Stimulate the Growth of Gastrointestinal Cells
  26. Hye-Jung Hwang, In-Hye Kim and Taek-Jeong Nam

  27. Potential Beneficial Effects of Marine Algal Sterols on Human Health
  28. Se-Kwon Kim and Quang Van Ta

  29. Laminaria Japonica as a Food for the Prevention of Obesity and Diabetes
  30. Miyuki Shirosaki and Tomoyuki Koyama

  31. Anti-cancer compounds from Marine Macroalgae and their application as medicinal foods
  32. Se-Kwon Kim, Noel Vinay Thomas and Xifeng Li

  33. Marine Algae: Natural Product Source for Gastro Intestinal Cancer Treatment
  34. Se-Kwon Kim and Mustafa Zafer Karagozlu

  35. Anticoagulant Effect of Marine Algae
  36. Se-Kwon Kim and Isuru Wijesekara

  37. Potential Application of Marine Algae as Antiviral Agents in Medicinal Foods
  38. Se-Kwon Kim, Thanh-Sang Vo and Dai-Hung Ngo

  39. Anti-HIV Activity of Extracts and Compounds from Marine Algae
  40. Se-Kwon Kim and Fatih Karadeniz

  41. Anti-Allergic Benefit of Marine Algae in Medicinal Foods
  42. Se-Kwon Kim, Thanh-Sang Vo and Dai-Hung Ngo

  43. Marine Macro and Micro Algae as Potential Agents for the Prevention of Asthma: Hyperresponsiveness and Inflammatory Subjects
  44. Mahinda Senevirathne and Se-Kwon Kim

  45. Impact of Marine Micro and Macro Algal Consumption on Photoprotection
  46. Ramjee Pallela and Se-Kwon Kim

  47. Seaweed Proteins and Amino Acids as Nutraceuticals
  48. Monika Cerna

  49. Medicinal Effects of Peptides from Marine Microalgae
  50. Se-Kwon Kim and Kyong-Hwa Kang

  51. Seaweed as a Source of Novel Nutraceuticals: Sulfated Polysaccharides and Peptides
  52. Jimenez-Escrig, A., Gomez-Ordonez, E. and Ruperez, P.

  53. Seaweed Lipids as Nutraceuticals
  54. Ladislava Mišurcova, Jarmila Ambrozova and Dusan Samek

  55. Seaweed Vitamins as Nutraceuticals
  56. Sona Skrovankova

  57. Seaweed Minerals as Nutraceuticals
  58. Ladislava Misurcova, Ludmila Machu and Jana Orsavova

  59. Medicinal Benefits of Sulfated Polysaccharides from Sea Vegetables
  60. Se-Kwon Kim and Yong-Xin Li

  61. The Perspectives of the Application of Biofilm in the Prevention of Chronic Infections
  62. Abdul Bakrudeen Ali Ahmed and Rosna Mat Taha

  63. Osteoporosis treatment: Marine algal compounds
  64. Jayachandran Venkatesan and Se-Kwon Kim

  65. Marine Algae Possess Therapeutic Potential for Ca-Mineralization via Osteoblastic Differentiation
  66. Minh Hong Thi Nguyen, Won-Kyo Jung and Se-Kwon Kim

  67. Extracts of Marine Algae Show Inhibitory Activity against Osteoclast Differentiation

    Tomoyuki Koyama
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