Insect Pests of Potato, 1st Edition

Global Perspectives on Biology and Management

Insect Pests of Potato, 1st Edition,Andrei Alyokhin,Charles Vincent,Philippe Giordanengo,ISBN9780123868954

Alyokhin   &   Vincent   &   Giordanengo   

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A comprehensive resource for information on the biology, ecology, and management of pests of potato, one of the world’s largest agricultural crops

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Key Features

  • Written by top experts in the field, this is the only publication covering the biology, ecology and management of all major potato pests
  • Emphasizes ecological and evolutionary approaches to pest management
  • Summarizes information from hard-to-get publications in China, India, and Russia


Insect Pests of Potato: Biology and Management provides a comprehensive source of up-to-date scientific information on the biology and management of insects attacking potato crops, with an international and expert cast of contributors providing its contents. This book presents a complete review of the scientific literature from the considerable research effort over the last 15 years, providing the necessary background information to the subject of studying the biology management of insect pests of potatoes, assessment of recent scientific advances, and a list of further readings. This comprehensive review will be of great benefit to a variety of scientists involved in potato research and production, as well as to those facing similar issues in other crop systems.


Scientists working in potato production (entomologists, plant pathologists, agronomists, plant breeders, and agroecologists); agricultural researchers at federal and state agencies; pest managers; IPM practitioners (cooperative extension personnel and crop advisors), and advanced undergraduate/graduate students studying entomology and agricultural science

Andrei Alyokhin

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Maine, Orono, ME, USA

Charles Vincent

Affiliations and Expertise

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada

Philippe Giordanengo

Affiliations and Expertise

Institut Sophia Agrobiotech, Sophia Antipolis, France

Insect Pests of Potato, 1st Edition

I. Potato as an important staple crop
1. Potatoes and their Pests--Setting the Stage / Charles Vincent, Andrei Alyokhin, and Philippe Giordanengo

II. Biology of major pests
2. Colorado Potato Beetle / Andrei Alyokhin, Maxim Udalov and Galina Benkovskaya
3.Aaphids as Major Potato Pests / Julien Sagues, Philippe Giordanengo, and Charles Vincent
4. Leafhopper and Psyllid Pests of Potato / Joseph E. Munyaneza and Donald C. Henne
5. Wireworms as Pests of Potato / Robert S. Vernon and Willem van Herk
6. Potato tuberworms / Jurgen Kroschel
7. Other Pests - China / Jing Xu, Ning Liu, and Runzhi Zhang
8. Insect Pests of Potato in India: Biology and Management / RS Chandel, VK Chandla , KS Verma and Mandeep Pathania

III. Potato field as a managed ecosystem
9. Spud Web: Species Interactions and Biodiversity in Potatoes / Christine A. Lynch, David W. Crowder, Randa Jabbour and William E. Snyder
10. Interactions among Organic Soil Amendments, Plants, and Insect Herbivores / Andrei Alyokhin and Serena Gross
11. Aphid-borne Virus Dynamics in Potato-Weed Pathosystem / Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan, Felix A. Cervantes, and Juan M. Alvarez
12. Successional and Invasive Colonization of the Potato Crop by the Colorado Potato Beetle: Managing Spread / Gilles Boiteau and Jaakko Heikkilä

IV. Management approaches
13. Chemical Control / Thomas P. Kuhar, Katherine Kamminga, Christopher Philips, Anna Wallingford, and Adam Wimer
14. Biological Control of Potato Insect Pests / Donald C. Weber
15. Potato Resistance Against Insect Herbivores: Resources and Opportunities / Yvan Pelletier, Finbarr G. Horgan, and Julien Pompon
16. Biopesticides / Marc Sporleder and Lawrence A. Lacey
17. Physical Control Methods / Phyllis G. Weintraub
18. Cultural Control and Other Non-Chemical Methods / Beata Gabrys and Bozena Kordan
19. Evolutionary Considerations in Potato Pest Management / Andrei Alyokhin, Yolanda Chen, Maxim Udalov, Galina Benkovskaya, and Leena Lindström

V. Current challenges and future directions
20. Epilogue: The Road to Sustainability / Charles Vincent, Philippe Giordanengo, and Andrei Alyokhin

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