Gas Chromatography

Gas Chromatography, 1st Edition

Gas Chromatography, 1st Edition,Colin Poole,ISBN9780123855404

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A single source of authoritative information on all aspects of the practice of modern gas chromatography

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Key Features

  • Individual chapters written by recognized experts
  • The big picture of gas chromatography from theory, to methods, to selected applications
  • Provides references to other sources in associated areas of study to facilitate research
  • Gives access to core data for practical work, comparison of results and decision making


This title provides comprehensive coverage of modern gas chromatography including theory, instrumentation, columns, and applications addressing the needs of advanced students and professional scientists in industry and government laboratories. Chapters are written by recognized experts on each topic. Each chapter offers a complete picture with respect to its topic so researchers can move straight to the information they need without reading through a lot of background information.


university and industrial libraries and individual professionals in different fields who currently use gas chromatography or need to enforce their knowledge of the techniques for project planning and execution.

Colin Poole

Professor Colin Poole is internationally known in the field of thin-layer chromatography and is an editor of the Journal of Chromatography and former editor of the Journal of Planar Chromatography - Modern TLC. He has authored several books on chromatography, recent examples being “The Essence of Chromatography” published by Elsevier (2003), and “Gas Chromatography” published by Elsevier (2012). He is the author of approximately 400 research articles, many of which deal with thin-layer chromatography, and is co-chair of the biennial “International Symposium on High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography”.

Affiliations and Expertise

Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA

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Gas Chromatography, 1st Edition

1 Milestones in the Development of Gas Chromatography; 2 Theory; 3 Column Technology (Open-Tubular Columns); 4 Column Technology (Packed Columns); 5 Gas-Solid Chromatography (PLOT columns); 6 Column Characterization and Method Development; 7 Multidimensional and Comprehensive Gas Chromatography; 8 Sample Introduction Methods; 9 Headspace Gas Chromatography; 10 Thermal Desorption Methods; 11 Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography; 12 Detectors; 13 Hyphenated Spectroscopic Detectors; 14 Hyphetenad Plasma-Based Detectors; 15 Field and Portable Instruments; 16 Preparative Gas Chromatography; 17 Data Analysis Methods; 18 Validation of Gas Chromatographic Methods; 19 Quantitative Structure-Retention Relationships; 20 Physicochemical Measurements (Inverse Gas Chromatography); 21 Separation of Enantiomers; 22 Essential Oils and Fragrances; 23 Lipids; 24 Metabonomics; 25 Forensic Applications; 26 Multiresidue Methods for Pesticides and Related Contaminants in Food; 27 Chemical Warfare Agents; 28 Environmental Analysis: Persistent and Emerging Contaminants; 29 Pheromones; 30 Wine and Spirits; 31 Space Exploration

Quotes and reviews

"The book presents important research into and reviews of new methods, and also provides an update on applications of gas chromatography in various fields…The wide coverage makes this an excellent reference book on the subject for scientists and for graduate students."--Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry online, May 18, 2013
"…recommend this work for its high-level coverage of the fundamentals…written by experts in the field…for advanced students and professionals."--CHOICE,
March 2013

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