The Psychology of Learning and Motivation

The Psychology of Learning and Motivation, 1st Edition

Advances in Research and Theory

The Psychology of Learning and Motivation, 1st Edition,ISBN9780123855275

Psychology of Learning and Motivation

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Key Features

  • Volume 54 of the highly regarded Psychology of Learning and Motivation series
  • An essential reference for researchers and academics in cognitive science
  • Relevant to both applied concerns and basic research


The Psychology of Learning and Motivation series publishes empirical and theoretical contributions in cognitive and experimental psychology, ranging from classical and instrumental conditioning to complex learning and problem solving. Each chapter thoughtfully integrates the writings of leading contributors, who present and discuss significant bodies of research relevant to their discipline. Volume 51 includes chapters on such varied topics as emotion and memory interference, electrophysiology, mathematical cognition, and reader participation in narrative.


Researchers and students in cognitive psychology

The Psychology of Learning and Motivation, 1st Edition

  1. Hierarchical control of cognitive processes: The case for skilled typewriting
  2. Gordon D. Logan and Matthew J. C. Crump

  3. Cognitive Distraction while Multi-tasking in the Automobile
  4. David L. Strayer, Jason M. Watson and Frank A. Drews

  5. Psychological research on joint action: Theory and data
  6. Günther Knoblich, Stephen Butterfill, & Natalie Sebanz

  7. Self-regulated Learning and the Allocation of Study Time
  8. John Dunlosky & Robert Ariel

  9. The Development of Categorization
  10. Vladimir M. Sloutsky and Anna V. Fisher

  11. Systems of category learning: fact or fantasy?
  12. Ben R. Newell, John C. Dunn, Michael Kalish

  13. Abstract Concepts: Sensory-motor Grounding, Metaphors, and Beyond
  14. Diane Pecher, Inge Boot, & Saskia Van Dantzig

  15. Thematic thinking: The apprehension and consequences of thematic relations

Zachary Estes, Sabrina Golonka, and Lara L. Jones

Quotes and reviews

Praise for the Series
"A remarkable number of landmark papers... An important collection of theory and data."--CONTEMPORARY PSYCHOLOGY

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