3C Vision, 1st Edition

Cues, Context and Channels

3C Vision, 1st Edition,ISBN9780123852205





229 X 152

Analyzes the impact that images have on humans

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Key Features

  • Comprehensive introductory text
  • Introduces the reader to the large world of imagery on which many human activities are based, from politics to entertainment, from technical reports to artistic creations
  • Provides a unified framework where both biological and artificial vision are discussed through visual cues, through the role of contexts and the available multi-channels to deliver information


The exponential explosion of images and videos concerns everybody's common life, since this media is now present everywhere and in all human activities. Scientists, artists and engineers, in any field, need to be aware of the basic mechanisms that allow them to understand how images are essentially information carriers. Images bear a strong evocative power because their perception quickly brings into mind a number of related pictorial contents of past experiences and even of abstract concepts like pleasure, attraction or aversion.

This book analyzes the visual hints, thanks to which images are generally interpreted, processed and exploited both by humans and computer programs.


Graduates and researchers in image processing, vision and computer science

3C Vision, 1st Edition

PART I: Visual mechanisms

  1. Vision mechanisms
  2. The image contents

PART II: Visual cues

  1. Cues after artists (Lighting, Perspective, Relations) and tracks
  2. Image data tracks
  3. Image organization tracks
  4. Multi image tracks

PART III: Visual contexts pp: 50

  1. Contexts after artists (Retrieval, Recognition and Research) and tracks
  2. Immediate context
  3. Structure bound context
  4. Interpretation bound context

PART IV: Visual channels

  1. Channels after artists (Vision, Perception, Action)
  2. Visual data structures
  3. Perceptual structures
  4. Visual communication

PART V: A vision about future developments

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