Electricity Marginal Cost Pricing

Electricity Marginal Cost Pricing, 1st Edition

Applications in Eliciting Demand Responses

Electricity Marginal Cost Pricing, 1st Edition,Monica Greer,ISBN9780123851345






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Allows regulators, energy economists, and engineers to get "a feel" for the methods with which efficient prices are derived in today's challenging electricity market.

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Key Features

A guide to cost issues surrounding the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity

Clearly explains cost models which can yield the marginal cost of supplying electricity to end-users

Real-world examples that are practical, meaningful, and easy to understand

Explans the policy implications of each example 

Provide suggestions to aid in the formation of  the optimal market price 



Packed with case studies and practical real-world examples, Electricity Marginal Cost Pricing Principles allows regulators, engineers and energy economists to choose the pricing model that best fits their individual market.

Written by an author with 13 years of practical experience, the book begins with a clear and rigorous explanation of the theory of efficient pricing and how it impacts investor-owned, publicly-owned, and cooperatively-owned utilities using tried and true methods such as multiple-output, functional form, and multiproduct cost models. The author then moves on to include self-contained chapters on applying estimating cost models, including a cubic cost specification and policy implications while supplying actual data and examples to allow regulators, energy economists, and engineers to get "a feel" for the methods with which efficient prices are derived in today’s challenging electricity market. The book is accompanied by a companion website which will allow for the testing of methods and validating results.


Power Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Energy Engineers, Energy Economist, Environmental Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Industrial Engineers

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Electricity Marginal Cost Pricing, 1st Edition

    1. Introduction
    2. The Theory of Natural Monopoly
    3. Regulation and Policies pertaining to the Electric Utility Industry
    4. Economics and Econometrics of Cost Models
    5. Estimating Cost Models
    6. Case Study: Cubic Cost Model to Estimate the Marginal Cost of Providing Electricity to End Users
    7. Case Study: Cost Models to Illustrate Price and Substitution Elasticities Using KLEM Data
    8. The Theory of Efficient Pricing
    9. The Price and Substitution Elasticities of Demand Models
    10. Case Study: Real-Time Pricing of Electricity

Quotes and reviews

"Having trouble comprehending your electric bill? Think you can evaluate motor efficiency savings by using one simple number for price per kilowatt-hour? This book will enlighten you."--Electrical Apparatus October 2012


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