Mathematical Methods for Physicists

Mathematical Methods for Physicists, 7th Edition

A Comprehensive Guide

Mathematical Methods for Physicists, 7th Edition,George Arfken,Hans Weber,ISBN9780123846549


Academic Press




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George Arfken

Affiliations and Expertise

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA

View additional works by George B. Arfken

Hans Weber

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Virginia, USA

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Mathematical Methods for Physicists, 7th Edition

  1. Mathematical Preliminaries
  2. Determinants and Matrices
  3. Vector Analysis
  4. Tensors and Differential Forms
  5. Vector Spaces
  6. Eigenvalue Problems
  7. Ordinary Differential Equations
  8. Partial Differential Equations
  9. Green's Functions
  10. Complex Variable Theory
  11. Further Topics in Analysis
  12. Gamma Function
  13. Bessel Functions
  14. Legendre Functions
  15. Angular Momentum
  16. Group Theory
  17. More Special Functions
  18. Fourier Series
  19. Integral Transforms
  20. Periodic Systems
  21. Integral Equations
  22. Mathieu Functions
  23. Calculus of Variations
  24. Probability and Statistics
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