Essential Statistics, Regression, and Econometrics

Essential Statistics, Regression, and Econometrics, 2nd Edition

Essential Statistics, Regression, and Econometrics, 2nd Edition,Gary Smith,ISBN9780128034590


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Ideal for one-quarter or semester courses, this timely revision enables students to develop statistical reasoning for econometrics through an accessible, readable approach

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Key Features

  • Includes hundreds of updated and new, real-world examples to engage students in the meaning and impact of statistics
  • Focuses on essential information to enable students to develop their own statistical reasoning
  • Ideal for one-quarter or one-semester courses taught in economics, business, finance, politics, sociology, and psychology departments, as well as in law and medical schools
  • Accompanied by an ancillary website with an instructors solutions manual, student solutions manual and supplementing chapters


Essential Statistics, Regression, and Econometrics, Second Edition, is innovative in its focus on preparing students for regression/econometrics, and in its extended emphasis on statistical reasoning, real data, pitfalls in data analysis, and modeling issues. This book is uncommonly approachable and easy to use, with extensive word problems that emphasize intuition and understanding. Too many students mistakenly believe that statistics courses are too abstract, mathematical, and tedious to be useful or interesting. To demonstrate the power, elegance, and even beauty of statistical reasoning, this book provides hundreds of new and updated interesting and relevant examples, and discusses not only the uses but also the abuses of statistics. The examples are drawn from many areas to show that statistical reasoning is not an irrelevant abstraction, but an important part of everyday life.


Undergraduate and graduate students taking Econometrics or Regression courses - required in many economics, business, finance, politics, sociology, and psychology departments, as well as in some law and medical schools.

Gary Smith

Gary Smith received his B.S. in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College and his PhD in Economics from Yale University. He was an Assistant Professor of Economics at Yale University for seven years. He is currently the Fletcher Jones Professor of Economics at Pomona College. He has won two teaching awards and has written (or co-authored) seventy-five academic papers, eight college textbooks, and two trade books (most recently, Standard Deviations: Flawed Assumptions, Tortured Data, and Other Ways to Lie With Statistics, Overlook/Duckworth, 2014). His research has been featured in various media including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Motley Fool, NewsWeek and BusinessWeek. For more information visit www.garysmithn.com.

Affiliations and Expertise

Fletcher Jones Professor, Department of Economics, Pomona College, Claremont, CA, USA

Essential Statistics, Regression, and Econometrics, 2nd Edition

Chapter 1 Data, Data, Data
Chapter 2 Displaying Data
Chapter 3 Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 4 Probability
Chapter 5 Sampling
Chapter 6 Estimation
Chapter 7 Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 8 Simple Regression
Chapter 9 The Art of Regression Analysis
Chapter 10 Multiple Regression
Chapter 11 Modeling
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