The Psychology of Music

The Psychology of Music, 3rd Edition

The Psychology of Music, 3rd Edition,Diana Deutsch,ISBN9780123814609

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Diana Deutsch

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University of California, San Diego, U.S.A.

The Psychology of Music, 3rd Edition


Chapter 1: The Perception of Musical Tones

Chapter 2: Musical Timbre Perception

Chapter 3: Perception of Singing

Chapter 4: Intervals and Scales

Chapter 5: Absolute Pitch

Chapter 6: Grouping Mechanisms in Music

Chapter 7: The Processing of Pitch Combinations

Chapter 8: Computational Models of Music Cognition

Chapter 9: Structure and Interpretation of Rhythm in Music

Chapter 10: Music Performance: Movement and Coordination

Chapter 11: Musical Development

Chapter 12: Music and Cognitive Abilities

Chapter 13: The Biological Foundations of Music: Insights from Congenital Amusia

Chapter 14: Brain Plasticity Induced by Musical Training

Chapter 15: Music and Emotion

Chapter 16: Comparative Music Cognition: Cross-species and Cross-Cultural Studies

Chapter 17: Psychologists and Musicians: Then and Now

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