Catalytic RNA, 1st Edition

Catalytic RNA, 1st Edition,Garrett A. Soukup,ISBN9780123812865

Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science

G Soukup   

Academic Press




229 X 152

This special volume of Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science focuses on catalytic RNA. Written by experts in the field, the reviews cover a range of topics ranging from hammerhead ribozyme to spliceosome catalyis.

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Key Features

  • Contributions from leading authorities
  • Informs and updates on all the latest developments in the field


This special volume of Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science focuses on catalytic RNA. Written by experts in the field, the reviews cover a range of topics, from hammerhead ribozymes to spliceosome catalysis to Varkud satellite and hairpin ribozymes.


Researchers, professors and graduate students in biochemistry, chemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, and medicine.

Garrett A. Soukup

Affiliations and Expertise

Creighton University, Omaha, USA

Catalytic RNA, 1st Edition



Chapter One. The Hammerhead Ribozyme: Structure, Catalysis, and Gene Regulation


1 Discovery and Context

2 The Minimal Sequence

3 The Full-Length Sequence

4 Hammerhead Ribozymes in Mammalian Gene Regulation


Chapter Two. Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Experiment to Derive a Detailed Understanding of Hammerhead Ribozyme Catalysis


1 Introduction

2 A Metal Ion Story with a Happy Ending

3 Finding the Catalytic Reaction Path Through Multidimensional Free-Energy Surfaces

4 HHR Uses Specific Cation-Binding Modes to Reach Its Catalytically Active Conformation

5 Computational Mutagenesis of Key Residues of HHR

6 Conclusion



Chapter Three. A Mechanistic Comparison of the Varkud Satellite and Hairpin Ribozymes


1 Introduction

2 The Hairpin and VS Ribozymes

3 General Themes



Chapter Four. HDV Family of Self-Cleaving Ribozymes


1 Introduction

2 Hepatitis Delta Virus

3 HDV Ribozymes

4 HDV Ribozymes’ Reaction Mechanism

5 Ribozymes Outside of the Hepatitis Delta Virus

6 Evolutionary Relationship Among HDV-Like Ribozymes


Chapter Five. The Structural and Functional Uniqueness of the glmS Ribozyme


1 Introduction

2 The glmS Riboswitch/Ribozyme

3 Biological Function of the glmS Ribozyme

4 glmS Ribozyme Uniqueness

5 glmS Ribozyme Structure and Function—Biochemical Analyses

6 glmS Ribozyme Structure and Function—Crystallographic Analysis

7 Metal Ion Usage by the glmS Ribozyme

8 Essential Coenzyme GlcN6P Functional Groups

9 Mechanism of glmS Ribozyme Self-Cleavage Using Coenzyme GlcN6P

10 pH-Reactivity Profiles Provide Mechanistic Insight

11 Potential for Antibiotic Development Affecting glmS Ribozyme/Riboswitch Function



Chapter Six. The Role of snRNAs in Spliceosomal Catalysis


1 Evolution of Eukaryotic Splicing Machines

2 Structural and Functional Similarities Between snRNAs and the Group II Self-Splicing Introns

3 Role of snRNAs in the Spliceosomal Active Site

4 The Three-Dimensional Positioning of snRNAs in the Catalytic Core

5 An RNA-Centric View of the Active Site

6 Functionally Critical snRNA–Metal Ion Interactions

7 Catalytic Activity of the snRNAs in Isolation

8 The snRNAs in the Context of the Spliceosomal Active Site

9 The Role of Proteins in the Spliceosomal Catalytic Core

10 The Role of Spliceosomal Proteins in Remodeling the Catalytic Core

11 Concluding Remarks



Quotes and reviews

Praise for the series:
"Full of interest not only for the molecular biologist-for whom the numerous references will be invaluable-but will also appeal to a much wider circle of biologists, and in fact to all those who are concerned with the living cell." --British Medical Journal

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