Claudins, 1st Edition

Claudins, 1st Edition,Alan Yu,ISBN9780123810397

Current Topics in Membranes

A Yu   

Academic Press




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This volume of Current Topics in Membranes focuses on Membrane Protein Crystallization, beginning with a review of past successes and general trends, then further discussing challenges of mebranes protein crystallization, cell free production of membrane proteins and novel lipids for membrane protein crystallization.

This publication also includes tools to enchance membrane protein crystallization, technique advancements, and crystallization strategies used for photosystem I and its complexes, establishing Membrane Protein Crystallization as a needed, practical reference for researchers.


Membrane Protein Crystallization, a volume of the established Current Topics in Membranes serial. This volume is edited by Dr. Larry DeLucas, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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Claudins, 1st Edition

1. Introduction: Claudins, tight junctions and the paracellular barrier

Mikio Furuse

2. Morphological studies of claudins in the tight junction

Eveline E. Schneeberger

3. Biophysical methods to study claudin permeability

Dorothee Günzel, Susanne M. Krug, Rita Rosenthal, Michael Fromm

4. Structure-function studies of the claudin pore

Alan Yu

5. The investigation of cis- and trans-interactions between claudins

Reiner F. Haseloff, Jörg Piontek and Ingolf E. Blasig

6. Regulation of claudins by post-translational modifications and cell signaling cascades

Lorenza González-Mariscal, Erika Garay and Miguel Quirós

7. Claudins and renal calcium handling

Jianghui Hou and Martin Konrad

8. Claudins and lung function

Kwang-Jin Kim, Ulf Per Flodby, Zea Borok and Edward Crandall

9. Claudins in Intestinal Function and Disease

Roland Bücker, Michael Schumann, Salah Amasheh, Jörg-Dieter Schulzke

10. Claudin Proteins And Neuronal Function

Jérôme Devaux, Bozena Fykkolodziej and Alexander Gow

11. Claudin is skin deep

Kursad Turksen and Tammy-Claire Troy

12. The involvement of tight junction protein claudin-1 in hepatitis C virus entry

Christopher Davis, Helen J. Harris and Jane A. McKeating

13. Claudins in cancer biology

Blanca L. Valle and Patrice J. Morin



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