Multiscale Simulation and Design

Multiscale Simulation and Design, 1st Edition

Multiscale Simulation and Design, 1st Edition,Guy B. Marin,ISBN9780123809858

Advances in Chemical Engineering

G Marin   

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* Updates and informs the reader on the latest research findings using original reviews
* Written by leading industry experts and scholars
* Reviews and analyzes developments in the field


Due to the increasing importance of multi-scale computation in engineering, stimulated by the dramatic development of computer technology and understanding of multi-scale structures, an issue on multi-scale simulation and design--or so-called virtual process engineering--is now edited. ACE published an issue with title of multi-scale analysis in 2005 (vol 35). The intention of the present volume is different, trying to elucidate the bottlenecks and to identify the correct directions for the coming years from the process and product engineering point of view. Both fundamental and practical contributions will be provided from academia and industry.


Organic chemists, polymer chemists, biological scientists and chemical engineers working in academia, government and industry

Guy B. Marin

Affiliations and Expertise

Ghent University, Belgium

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Multiscale Simulation and Design, 1st Edition

  1. Meso–scale modeling — the key to multi–scale CFD simulation – Jinghai Li, Wei Wang, Wei Ge and Ning Yang
  2. Holistic Strategy in Multiscale Modeling – Lorenz Biegler and Myung Jhon
  3. Industrial Plant-Wide Equation-Oriented Process Modeling – 2010 - Chau-Chyun Chen, Boyd Gochenour and Milo D. Meixell
  4. Molecular Thermodynamic Models for Fluids of Chain-like Molecules, Applications in Phase Equilibria and Micro Phase Separation in Bulk and at Interface – Liu Honglai and YingHu
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