Advances in Geophysics

Advances in Geophysics, 1st Edition

Advances in Geophysics, 1st Edition,Haruo Sato,ISBN9780123809384

Advances in Geophysics

H Sato   

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This series continually publishes cutting-edge reviews in the field of geophysics.

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Key Features

Key features:

* Contributions from leading authorities
* Informs and updates on all the latest developments in the field


The critically acclaimed serialized review journal for over 50 years, Advances in Geophysics is a highly respected publication in the field of geophysics. Since 1952, each volume has been eagerly awaited, frequently consulted, and praised by researchers and reviewers alike. Now in its 52nd volume, it contains much material still relevant today--truly an essential publication for researchers in all fields of geophysics.


graduate students, scientists and engineers of geophysics, physics, acoustics, civil engineering, environmental sciences, geology and planetary sciences.

Haruo Sato

Affiliations and Expertise

Tohoku University, Sendai-shi, Japan

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Advances in Geophysics, 1st Edition

  1. Inferring Ocean Storm Characteristics from Ambient Seismic Noise: A Historical Perspective
  2. Carl W. Ebeling

  3. Phenomenology of Tsunamis II: Scaling, Event Statistics, and Inter-Event Triggering
  4. Eric L. Geist

  5. Seismic Hazard Scenarios as Preventive Tools for a Disaster Resilient Society

Giuliano F. Panza, Cristina La Mura, Antonella Peresan, Fabio Romanelli, Franco Vaccari

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