Essays on Peripheral Nerve Repair and Regeneration

Essays on Peripheral Nerve Repair and Regeneration, 1st Edition

Essays on Peripheral Nerve Repair and Regeneration, 1st Edition,Stefano Geuna,Pierluigi Tos,Bruno Battiston,ISBN9780123750846

International Review of Neurobiology

Geuna   &   Tos   &   Battiston   

Academic Press




229 X 152

The most highly praised series in neurobiology resarch for 50 years.

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Interest in the study of peripheral nerve repair and regeneration has increased significantly over the last twenty years and today the number of nerve reconstructions performed is progressively increasing due to the continuous improvement in surgical technology and to the spread of microsurgical skills among surgeons worldwide. 

This volume of International Review of Neurobiology providdes an overview of the state of the art knowledge in peripheral nerve repair and regeneration by bringing together a number of reviews that critically address some the most important issues in this biomedical field.



Neuroscientists, neurologists, 

Stefano Geuna

Affiliations and Expertise

Universita' di Torino, Italy

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Essays on Peripheral Nerve Repair and Regeneration, 1st Edition

  1. Peripheral nerve repair and regeneration research: A historical note
    B. Battiston, P. Tos, I. Papalia, S. Geuna
  2. Development of the peripheral nerve
    Suleyman Kaplan, Ersan Odaci, Bunyami Unal, Bunyamin Sahin, Michele Fornaro
  3. Histology of the peripheral nerve and changes occurring during nerve regeneration
    S. Geuna, S. Raimondo, G. Ronchi, F. Di Scipio, P. Tos, M. Fornaro
  4. Methods and protocols in peripheral nerve regeneration experimental research. Part I – Experimental models
    P. Tos, G. Ronchi, I. Papalia, V. Sellen, J. Lagagneaux, S. Geuna, M.G. Giacobini-Robecchi
  5. Methods and protocols in peripheral nerve regeneration experimental research. Part II – Morphological techniques
    S. Raimondo, M. Fornaro, F. Di Scipio, G. Ronchi, M.G. Giacobini-Robecchi, S. Geuna
  6. Methods and protocols in peripheral nerve regeneration experimental research. Part III – Electrophysiological evaluation
    X. Navarro and E. Udina
  7. Methods and protocols in peripheral nerve regeneration experimental research. Part IV – Kinematic gait analysis to quantify peripheral nerve regeneration in the rat
    L.M. Costa, M.J. Simoes, A.C. Mauricio, A.S. Varejao.
  8. Current techniques and concepts in peripheral nerve repair
    M. Siemionow, G. Brzezicki
  9. Artificial scaffolds for nerve reconstruction
    Valeria Chiono, Chiara Tonda-Turo, and Gianluca Ciardelli
  10. Conduit Luminal Additives for Peripheral Nerve Repair
    Hede Yan, Feng Zhang, Michael B. Chen, William C. Lineaweaver
  11. Tissue engineering of peripheral nerves
    B. Battiston, S. Raimondo, P. Tos, V. Gaidano, C. Audisio, I. Perroteau, S. Geuna.
  12. Mechanisms underlying end-to-side nerve regeneration
    E. Bontioti and L.B. Dahlin.
  13. Experimental results in end-to-side nerve neurorrhaphy
    A.E. Beris and M.G. Lykissas
  14. End-to-side nerve regeneration: From the laboratory bench to clinical applications
    P. Tos, S. Artiaco, I. Papalia, I. Marcoccio, S. Geuna, B. Battiston
  15. Novel pharmacological approaches to Schwann Cells as neuroprotective agent for peripheral nerve regeneration
    V. Magnaghi, P. Procacci, A.M. Tata
  16. Melatonin and nerve regeneration
    E. Odaci, S. Kaplan
  17. Transthyretin: an enhancer of nerve regeneration
    C.E. Fleming, F. Milhazes Mar, F. Franquinho, M.M. Sousa
  18. Enhancement of nerve regeneration and recovery by immunosuppressive agents
    D.P. Kuffler
  19. The role of collagen in peripheral nerve repair
    G. Koopmans, B. Hasse, N. Sinis
  20. Gene Therapy perspectives for nerve repair
    S. Zacchigna, M. Giacca
  21. Use of stem cells for improving nerve regeneration
    G. Terenghi, M. Wiberg, P.J. Kingham
  22. Transplantation of olfactory ensheating cells for peripheral nerve regeneration
    C. Radtke, J.D. Kocsis, P.M. Vogt
  23. Manual stimulation of target muscles has different impact on functional recovery after injury of pure motor or mixed nerves
    N. Sinis, T. Manoli, F. Werdin, A. Kraus, H-E. Schaller, O. Guntinas-Lichius, M. Grosheva, A. Irintchev, E. Skouras, S. Dunlop, D.N. Angelov.
  24. Electrical stimulation for improving nerve regeneration: Where do we stand?
    T. Gordon, O. Sulaiman, A. Ladak
  25. Phototherapy in Peripheral Nerve Injury Effects on Muscle Preservation and Nerve Regeneration
    S. Rochkind, S. Geuna, A. Shainberg
  26. Age-related differences in the reinnervation after peripheral nerve injury
    U. Kovacic, J. Sketelj, F.F. Bajrovic
  27. Neural plasticity after nerve injury and regeneration
    X. Navarro
  28. Future perspective in peripheral nerve reconstruction
    L. Dahlin, F. Johansson, C. Lindwall, M. Kanje

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