Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, 3rd Edition

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, 3rd Edition,Lindsay H Allen,Andrew Prentice,ISBN9780123848857

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The award-winning 4-volume reference revised and updated with the latest research in the multidisciplinary field of human nutritional science.

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Key Features

  • Selected for inclusion in Doody's Core Titles 2013, an essential collection development tool for health sciences libraries
  • Approximately 30% new content ensures readers have the latest research information
  • Extensive cross-referencing provides key connections between topics in this multidisciplinary field
  • Presents current information on relationships between disease and nutrition
  • Covers thoroughly topics ranging from nutrient biochemistry and function to clinical nutrition and the epidemiology of diet, health and disease.


The role of nutrition in improving quality of life and combating disease is undeniable - and researchers from different disciplines are bringing their perspectives to bear on this fundamental topic.

The 4-volume Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, Third Edition, is a thorough revision of the previous award-winning version and reflects the scientific advances in the field of human nutrition. It presents the latest understanding on a wide range of nutrition-related topics including food safety, weight management, vitamins, bioengineering of foods, plant based diet and raw foods among others. New articles on organic food, biofortification, nutritional labeling and the effect of religious customs on diet, among many others, reflect the dedication to currency in this revision.  It not only contains the most current and thorough information available on the topic, but also contains broader cross-referencing on emerging opportunities for potential treatment and prevention of diseases.

An ideal starting point for scientific research, Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, Third Edition, continues to provide authoritative information in an accessible format, making this complex discipline available to readers at both the professional and non-professional level.


Nutritionists, clinical nutritionists, dietitians and allied health workers will all find this MRW useful. Libraries including university, medical school, public; food industry corporations; and government sectors dealing with nutritional policies will want this MRW in their library.

Lindsay H Allen

Affiliations and Expertise

University of California Davis, USA

Andrew Prentice

Andrew Prentice is Professor of International Nutrition at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. He leads the Medical Research Council's International Nutrition Group which is based in London and The Gambia. His research interests have encompassed human energy metabolism and obesity as well as maternal and child nutrition in developing countries.

Affiliations and Expertise

London School of Tropical Medicine, UK

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, 3rd Edition

Sample Table of Contents

For Complete Table of Contents, visit the microsite at www.elsevierdirect.com/HUN3

1. Adipose Tissue

2. Adolescents | Nutritional Problems

3. Adolescent requirements for growth and optimal health

4. Aging

5. Alcohol | Absorption, Metabolism and Physiological Effects

7. Alcohol | Effects of Consumption on Diet and Nutritional Status

8. Aluminum

9. Amino Acids | Chemistry and Classification

10. Amino Acids | Metabolism

11. Amino Acids | Specific Functions

13. Antioxidants | Intervention Studies

16. Appetite | Physiological and Neurobiological Aspects

17. Appetite | Psychobiological and Behavioral Aspects

18. Arthritis

19. Ascorbic Acid | Physiology, Dietary Sources and Requirements

20. Ascorbic Acid | Deficiency States

21. Asthma

22. Behavior

23. Beverages

24. Bioavailability

25. Biofortification

26. Biotin

27. Body Composition

29. Bone | Nutritional Aspects

30. Brain and Nervous System

31. Breast Feeding

32. Burns Patients

33. Caffeine

34. Calcium

36. Cancer | Epidemiology and Associations Between Diet and Cancer

37. Cancer | Epidemiology of Gastrointestinal Cancers Other Than Colorectal Cancers

38. Cancer | Epidemiology of Lung Cancer

39. Cancer | Dietary Management

40. Cancer | Carcinogenic Substances in Food

41. Carbohydrates | Chemistry and Classification

42. Carbohydrates | Regulation of Metabolism

Quotes and reviews

"This new edition has been completely revised and expanded to accommodate the enormous growth of the scientific discipline of human nutrition, including the effects of such pivotal events as mapping of the human genome and the discovery that nutrients influence the mutation of viruses. Though comprehensive, the articles are not overly technical, making the work relevant to both general readers and health care practitioners." Summing Up: Essential.--CHOICE Reviews Online, June 2014

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