Intercellular Communication in the Nervous System

Intercellular Communication in the Nervous System, 1st Edition

Intercellular Communication in the Nervous System, 1st Edition,Robert Malenka,ISBN9780123750723

R Malenka   

Academic Press




A must-have compendium for the end-user interested in signaling

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Key Features

* Chapters offer impressive scope with topics addressing neurotransmitters/receptors, synaptic structure and organization, neuropeptides, gap junctions, neuropharmacology and more
* Richly illustrated in full color with over 200 figures
* Contributors represent the most outstanding scholarship in the field, with each chapter providing fully vetted and reliable expert knowledge


Intercellular communication is part of a complex system of communication that governs basic cellular activities and coordinates cell actions. The ability of cells to perceive and correctly respond to their environment is the basis of growth and development, tissue repair, and immunity as well as normal tissue homeostasis. Errors in cellular information processing are responsible for diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity, diabetes, and neurological and psychiatric disorders. There is substantial drug development concentrating on this and intercellular communication is the basis of much of neuropharmacology. By understanding cell signaling, diseases may be treated effectively and, theoretically, artificial tissues may be yielded. Neurotransmitters/receptors, synaptic structure and organization, gap junctions, neurotrophic factors and neuropeptides are all explored in this volume, as are the ways in which signaling controls neuroendocrinology, neuroimmunology and neuropharmacology.  Intercellular Communication in the Nervous System provides a valuable desk reference for all scientists who consider signaling.


Basic neuroscienctists, neuroendocrinologists, neuroimmunologists and neuropharmacologists

Robert Malenka

Affiliations and Expertise

Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, CA, USA

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