Primary Cilia, 1st Edition

Primary Cilia, 1st Edition,Roger Sloboda,ISBN9780123750242

Methods in Cell Biology

R Sloboda   

Academic Press




235 X 191

A comprehensive collection of cutting-edge research and easy-to-follow protocols for researchers in the field of primary cilia

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Key Features

*Covers protocols for primary cilia across several systems and species
* Both classic and state-of-the-art methods readily adaptable across model systems, and designed to last the test of time
* Relevant to clinicians and scientists working in a wide range of fields


In recent years, the role of cilia in the study of health, development and disease has been increasingly clear, and new discoveries have made this an exciting and important field of research. This comprehensive volume, a complement to the new three-volume treatment of cilia and flagella by King and Pazour, presents easy-to-follow protocols and detailed background information for researchers working with cilia and flagella.


Researchers and students in cell, molecular and developmental biology

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Primary Cilia, 1st Edition

I. Introduction
1. Introduction and Overview (Sloboda)
2. History of the Primary Cilium (Bloodgood)
II. Cell Biology and Biochemistry
3. Using rtPCR to Identify Novel Genes Involved in Assembly/Function of the Primary Cilium (Pedersen)
4. Isolation of Primary Cilia for Biochemical Analysis (Otero)
5. Isolation of Primary Cilia for Morphological Analysis (LaRusso)
6. Mutliphoton Imaging of Primary Cilia (Farnum)
7. Primary Cilium Disassembly and the Cell Cycle (Golemis)
III. Functional Analysis of the Primary Cilium
8. Primary Cilia and Left-Right Patterning of the Body Axis (Breuckner)
9. Using Conditional Alleles to Study the Role of Primary Cilia in Obesity (Yoder and Kesterson)
10. The Primary Cilium and Stem Cell Differentiation (Christiansen)
11. Connecting Cilia as a Model for the Transition Zone (Besharse)
IV. Signaling Mechanisms
12. Hedgehog Signaling (Anderson)
13. Polycystin 1 Function (Caplan)
14. PKD and Development (Germino)
V. Targeting Proteins to the Primary Cilium
15. Protein Trafficking to the Outer Segment via the Connecting Cilium (Deretic)
16. Targeting of Polycystin 2 to the Primary Cilium (Somlo)
17. Vesicle Docking and Targeting to the Primary Cilium (Wolfrum)
V. Posttranslational Modifications
18. Polyglutamylation and the fleer Gene (Drummond)
19. Phosphorylation in the Primary Cilium (Snell)
20. Protein Methylation and Cilium Stability (Sloboda)
VI. Evolution of the Primary Cilium
21. Evolution of the Cilium via RNA Virus Activity (Satir and Alliegro)

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