Parasitoids of Drosophila

Parasitoids of Drosophila, 1st Edition

Parasitoids of Drosophila, 1st Edition,Genevieve Prevost,ISBN9780123747921

Advances in Parasitology

G Prevost   

Academic Press




229 X 152

Reviews the latest information on the "Drosophila parasitoid" model

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Much is known about the biology of Drosophila parasitoids, which is why they are used as a model for studying other parasitoids. This book brings together the different fields of research that can be explored, thanks to the "Drosophila parasitoid" model. It shows how the complementary knowledge arising from different approaches is inspiring the development of new areas of research on this biological model. It also discusses techniques and methods specifically adapted to the study of larval parasitoid species.


Researchers in parasitology, tropical medicine and entomology

Genevieve Prevost

Affiliations and Expertise

Laboratoire de Biologie des Entomophages, Universite de Picardie-Jules Verne, Amiens, France

Parasitoids of Drosophila, 1st Edition

1. Drosophila-parasitoid communities as model systems for host-Wolbachia interactions - Fabrice Vavre, Laurence Mouton and Bart A. Pannebakker

2. A virus shaping foraging strategy in a Drosophila parasitoid - Julien Varaldi, Sabine Patot, Maxime Nardin, Sylvain Gandon

3. Decision making dynamics in parasitoids of Drosophila - Andra Thiel, Thomas S. Hoffmeister

4. Variation of Leptopilina boulardi success in Drosophila hosts: What is inside the black box? - Dubuffet A. , Colinet D., Anselme C., Dupas S., Carton Y. and Poirie, M.

5. TBD - Dupas et al

6. TBD - Eslin et al

7. TBD - Kraaijeveld and Godfray

8. TBD - Lee&Govind et al

Quotes and reviews

"One is struck by the quality and scholarship of the various chapters and the obviously efficient editing."--PARASITOLOGY
"The policy of the editors of
Advances in Parasitology to include reviews from any aspect of parasitology and the high standard of individual papers have resulted in this series of volumes becoming an indispensable source for students, teachers, and research workers."--ANNALS OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND PARASITOLOGY
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