Database Archiving

Database Archiving, 1st Edition

How to Keep Lots of Data for a Very Long Time

Database Archiving, 1st Edition,Jack Olson,ISBN9780123747204


Morgan Kaufmann




235 X 191

A leading in the field explains how to build an effective and secure database archiving practice, a critically important topic in IT today!

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Key Features

* Exhaustively considers the diverse set of issues—legal, technological, and financial—affecting organizations faced with major database archiving requirements.

* Shows how to design and implement a database archival process that is integral to existing procedures and systems.

* Explores the role of players at every level of the organization—in terms of the skills they need and the contributions they can make.

* Presents its ideas from a vendor-neutral perspective that can benefit any organization, regardless of its current technological investments.

* Provides detailed information on building the business case for all types of archiving projects


With the amount of data a business accumulates now doubling every 12 to 18 months, IT professionals need to know how to develop a system for archiving important database data, in a way that both satisfies regulatory requirements and is durable and secure. This important and timely new book explains how to solve these challenges without compromising the operation of current systems. It shows how to do all this as part of a standardized archival process that requires modest contributions from team members throughout an organization, rather than the superhuman effort of a dedicated team.


Database archive analyst, database administrators, data modelers, applications developers, system analysts, IT Management.

Jack Olson

Jack E. Olson is a widely recognized database technology expert. His career includes significant contributions at IBM, BMC, Evoke, and now NEON Enterprise Software, where he serves as Chief Technology Office. Olson is author of Data Quality: The Accuracy Dimension, also published by Morgan Kaufmann. The inventor of record on several patents, he holds a BS from the Illinois Institute of Technology and an MBA from Northwestern University.

Affiliations and Expertise

Chief Technology Officer, NEON Enterprise Software

Database Archiving, 1st Edition

Part 1: Archiving Basics
Chapter 1: On Overview of Database Archiving
Chapter 2: An Overview of Business Issues
Chapter 3: Generic Archiving Methodology
Chapter 4: Basic Components

Part 2: Establishing a Database Archiving Project
Chapter 5: Origins of a Database Archiving Project
Chapter 6: Resources Needed
Chapter 7: Locating Data
Chapter 8: Locating Metadata
Chapter 9: Data and Metadata Validation

Part 3: Designing Database Archiving Applications
Chapter 10: Designing for Archive Independence
Chapter 11: Modeling Archive Data
Chapter 12: Setting Archive Policies
Chapter 13: Changes to Data Structures and Policies

Part 4: Database Archiving Application Software
Chapter 14: The Archive Database
Chapter 15: The Archive Extractor Component
Chapter 16: The Archive Discard Component
Chapter 17: The Archive Access Component

Part 5: Administration of the Archive
Chapter 18: Testing Your Application
Chapter 19: Managing Archive Data over Time
Chapter 20: Managing Users
Chapter 21: Managing Changes

Part 6: Business and Legal Issues
Chapter 22: Non-operational Sources of Data
Chapter 23: The Archive and the legal department
Chapter 24: The Archiving ASP

Appendix A: Generic Archiving Checklist
Appendix B: Goals of a Database Archiving System
Appendix C: Job Description of Data Archivist

Quotes and reviews

"This is a thorough discourse on data archiving--what it is, how to approach it, and how to execute on it." --John Schley, Data Architect at Principal Financial Group
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